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From the beginning, children were the center of everything Walt did. The occult world that backed Walt, as well as Walt himself, believed that if they could bring out the child that part of a person called the child by various psychologists, then they could appeal to the curiosity and feelings of the child part of adults. If it worked with adults, they could do the same with the child part in children. They knew even in the 20s 30s what had to be accomplished in the secret Great Plan for a New World Order. The Illuminati Great Plan called for family life to be destroyed, for children to rebel against their parents, and for the world to become more violent. Children needed to immerse in images of violence so that a violent society could be created. For instance, the 1925 film Alice Stage Struck shows little girl Alice strapped to a log leading to a buzz saw. They also wanted to make occultism-witchcraft the common belief of the American people. The Illuminati felt they could bring in witchcraft if they appealed to the curiosity of the child in every adult. For instance, the Donald Duck cartoon Corn Chips 1951 shows Donald harassing Chip and Dale who then get back at him by stealing a box of popcorn and spreading it all over the front yard. Now what does a cartoon like this teach kids? It teaches that stealing to repay a grudge is and that doing pranks is funny. In Disneys 1920 films, he shows kids cutting school, shoplifting and playing hookey.

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Here is the answer: i'm going into eigth grade next year. and this year we're going pretty much everywhere. all the amusement parks like six flags, disneyland, knott's berry farm with the show choir. then all together we're going to washington d.c. and six flags again. i completely doubt that i will be agle to go to all of them, because my family has kinda run out of money....i don't want to ask my parents to pay or anything, i mean it would feel wrong...even if i can't go to almost all, i at least want to go to disneyland. disneyland is a special place for me and i miss it and i just gotta go back. so far i got $30 of my own (that was just going around my room looking for coins XD). a ticket into disneyland is about $80, not to mention food and such. i can get a meal for $15 and that's all i really need. i woulld like to get some sort of souvenier so i can have disneyland with me always, but if that's not possible, then so be, all together i need to get $65 in order to go. i have been thinking of selling my art. but i'm not quite sure how. i don't think my parents will be all open to letting me sell stuff online...oh, and setting up a booth at school is out of the question. i mean, you can make a LOT of money doing that!...but the only way the school wants you to is if you donate it to a charity, which i completely understand....but please, help! i know i sound kinda selfish wanting to raise money to go to disneyland when there's so much worse things going on in the world, but you have to understand how much i love disneyland and this trip is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. we would get to go backstage at disneyland and perform and that would be a complete dream come true, so please help me. thank you <3

Disneys Magnolia course - - Named for its 1500 magnolia trees, this course is one of the two original golf courses that opened with Walt Disney World Resort forty years ago. Designed by Joe Lee, the course has hosted final round play for PGA Tour events since 1971.

Popular questions : I don't really know, is this normal?
The answer- I know some people will troll or not even bother to read this, but it's a true "problem" to me yet so strange. Its so hard to actually explain to full details but I will make it out the best I can... First just to let you all know I am 15, and a guy, lol. But anyway it's like when I watch a movie or show, usually unrealistic or "cartoon type" I seem to have a huge "interest" or something in them, like I just wish it was real, or would happen to me. Same with games, maybe even just parts of games or whatever. I have always felt like this but never knew how to say it or just thought about soo much. And I still have a lot more to say but just know way to explain. I sometimes say this: "It's like a feeling or want that I want or need, but doesn't exist." Maybe you understand, maybe you don't. I don't know myself really... lol. But even Zelda, which I played just recently- Skyward Sword. I played the beginning and just though, this would be so amazing if this was real or I could live it.. I know that sounds weird and I don't mean to sound like a complete freak, but it is true.. haha. Anyway just answer me these... :3Is it Normal?Have you had somewhat similar thoughts or "feelings"?

People often ask - Survey-What are your favourite movies?
The answer is: Mine are-Brokeback MountainDirty DancingAlice in Wonderland (The animated Disney one)Spirited AwayAhh classics :)

Frequently asked questions - What's your favorite movie from Disney?
We think that- For me, I'd have to say The Lion King. I've liked it ever since it was made, and it was made when I was one!@->-->-

Frequently asked questions : How can i make money from a cartoon site?
Here is the answer- Hi guys,I am thinking of launching a cartoon website that just hosts funny cartoon strips.I would like to know the different ways i can make money from that type of site and also the different ways i can promote the site.

People often ask : I feel depressed about college how can I get over this feeling?
We think that: Recently in the past month I've begun realizing I'm not going to be able to make it to my dream of becoming an animator like I wanted for myself in High School. I did a month of the course and already I'm seeing nothing but anger while doing the program.I never knew being an animator could be so much work? I thought I would be able to love the program so much that I would not care so much for the work and just enjoy it. Yet I didn't it just makes me feel more and more miserable, but don't get me wrong I still love cartoons but didn't realize the reality of work behind the glamour of work it gave off when I first knew about this career path for me.I really enjoy the people I'm around as they enjoy the art of cartoons as much as me but I feel sad that I will never be able to work with these people again as I now stray from the path as an animator.I'm big kid at heart and always loved cartoons ever since I was a child, because of this I don't know will I ever be able to be happy again.

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