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Frequently asked questions - Do you think cartoons these days could get away with mocking the censors?
The answer is: For example, I remember a few lines from my favorite cartoons as a kid where they would play with the censors and use them as satire. Examples:Animaniacs: "Is it time to make the FOX censors cry?" (Referring to how much adult content the writers sneak in lol)Animaniacs: "Give me the bird!" "We'd love to, but the censors won't allow it."Rocko's Modern Life: Not so much quotes, but I remember a few times when they snuck innuendos in they'd show a fat guy with a "censorship" label on his shirt shaking his head.And I'm sure there are plenty others. I noticed after say 2000 most kids shows wouldn't play around too much with the censors. At the same time they don't hide the innuendo as cleverly anymore. Anyways, do you think any cartoon would still be able to get away with poking fun at the censorship people?

Disney Pixars Up is the first animated movie ever to open the Cannes Film Festival in its 62 year history. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

Disney continued to produce cartoons with Mickey Mouse and other characters, and began the Silly Symphonies series, which was advertised as Mickey Mouse Presents a Walt Disney Silly Symphony. In 1932, Disney signed an exclusive contract with Technicolor through the end of 1935 to produce cartoons in color, beginning with Flowers and Trees 1932. Disney released cartoons through Powers Celebrity Pictures 19281930, Columbia Pictures 19301932, and United Artists 19321937. The popularity of the Mickey Mouse series and the Silly Symphony series allowed Disney to plan for his first feature-length animation.

People often ask : Who's your favorite? Jonas Brother, Degrassi Character, Team on the Hills etc.?
The answer- Who's your favorite out the following:Jonas Brother?Degrassi Character (if you watch Degrassi)The Hills "team member" (Lauren, Heidi & Spencer etc.)Backstreet Boy (if you like them)Disney CharacterPerson on Camp RockPerson on High School MusicalPerson in High School Musical Get In The PicturePerson on Big Brother 10 (if you watch that show)ok. here's mine.Jonas Brother? Kevin!!!!Degrassi Character (if you watch Degrassi) J.T., Spinner, and JayThe Hills "team member" (Lauren, Heidi & Spencer etc.) Lauren!!!Backstreet Boy (if you like them) A.J. and BrianDisney Character Stitch and TiggerPerson on Camp Rock Kevin Jonas and Joe JonasPerson on High School Musical Lucas Grabeel and Zac EfronPerson in High School Musical Get In The Picture Isaiah and AnthonyPerson on Big Brother 10 (if you watch that show) JESSIE!!!!!! and Memphis and Dan!!! GO RENEGADES!!! lol

People often ask - Transformers: Tidal Wave?
We think that- the decepticon "tidal wave" is planned to be in Transformers II (live action).he is supposedto be an aircraft carrier. I am very very very interested in seeing this, as an aircraft carrier is considered a Megastructure, at over 10x the size of Prime and, i've seen the cartoon renditions and that tells me absolutely nothing. theres a huge difference between the cartoons and the live action characters. in the cartoon, there is no sense as to how big the bots are. in the movies, they give u a sense very realistically.this is going to look amazing i can tell, i'd just really like to see.wouldnt it take a long time for him to transform tho? i cant imagine an aircraft carrier transforming into a massive massive correspondingly huge robot in only a couple seconds, like the bots we saw in the first movie.Also, his height would be around 1,000 feet tall, wouldnt it? (1/7 of a mile)i actually hope so, it would make it more epic and amazing

Many people ask - On my way to Aust, Im stoppin over in LA for 10hrs and want to visit Disneyland, in that time is it realistic?
The answer is- I will be at LAX at about 12noon and fly out about 10pm. I was thinking of getting a shuttle to Disneyland and doing as much as i can before i have to fly home to Australia. I know you usually spend days at Disneyland seeing everything, but i thought since i will be there i want to at least see some of it...what do you reckon? is it worth it?

Frequently asked questions - Been having nightmares ...........i think?
The answer: for the past year, well i think they are nightmares but the reason they seem so real is that i have them AFTER i think i wake up and what they are is me laying there in my bed after i wake up and it feels like im paralized and i feel my heart beat real fast and i try to kick and scream but nothing comes out and i cant move, and sometimes i even hear strange noises as if something is crawling upto me its really freaky and im kinda tired of it im actually hoping its nightmares. What makes me think its not nightmares is because it feels like it happens right after i wake up, and one time i was even in front of the tv watching cartoons and after it happened what i was watching b4 and after was the same thing continueing.......someone pls explain what this could be please and hopefully how to solve it because im tired of it...

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