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Is event transportation provided? Complimentary event transportation will be provided by the Anaheim Transportation Network throughout the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend to participants who are staying at select Disneyland Resort Good Neighbor Hotels. Shuttle buses will depart from select Disneyland Resort Good Neighbor Hotels to the Disneyland Resort East Esplanade Shuttle Drop-Off area every 20 minutes continuously throughout the weekend during scheduled Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend events. A ticket will be given to participants the first time they board the shuttle that they must save for use over the entire Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. Transportation from Disneyland Resort Hotels will not be provided as they are within walking distance to all of the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend events.

Treat yourself to a magical time at Disneyland Paris. With two different theme parks, Disneyland Paris will make your dreams come true twice! Your Disneyland Paris Magic Ticket - a 1 Day 2 Park Hopper - is superb value, allowing one day-s admission to both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park with the freedom to hop between both Disney Parks as often as you like. Even better, youll enjoy a 15% discount when you buy this Magic Ticket online.

The seventh annual awards presentation will be taped Dec. 8 in Hollywood. The program will be shown on The Disney Channel at 7 Dec. 14 and 9 Dec. 15 as part of the channels free holiday preview.

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