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research note on Thursday. Greenfield, who said earlier this week that he believes its a mistake for Hulu owners Walt Disney Co., News Corp. and Comcast Corp. to sell Hulu, told clients that the entity would be a perfect fit for Google

The fact is, the movie will make a tidy profit for Disney - - way before it leaves theaters domestically and internationally. But the ultimate question will be whether it will make enough to warrant a sequel - - Tron Legacy itself cost 170 million and frankly that figure strikes many as too much for what it is.

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Stay at one of the three Hotels of the Disneyland Resort from June 3 to Sept. 5, 2011 and receive two Disneys FASTPASS Tickets for each person. Combined with a valid theme park admission, its a great way to experience Disney Soundsational Summer, and see the new attractions like The Little Mermaid - Ariels Undersea Adventure.

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People often ask - What is your favorite Disney animal character?
Here is the answer: Mine is probably Kiara, from Lion King 2.

Frequently asked questions : Favourite disney cartoon character?
The answer- Mine is pluto =]

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