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Frequently asked questions - My life in short what do you think?
The answer: At 3 I went to disneyland florida, at six I went cyprus and my dad cheated on my mum and had 4 children with another woman but they made up and he still fathers those children. At 7 I had my first girlfriend, at 8 I could do the splits, at 9 I got fake married to a friend, at 10 I was intimidated by my teacher, at 11 I joined the choir and knew I was different. At 12 I knew I was gay. At 13 I became emotional, depressed and attention seeking, at 14 I told people I was gay, dad was angry at first and mum thought it was a phase. At 15 I liked the attention I was getting from being gay, at 16 I felt I was old news and falling down the popularity ladder, and I went 30miles to have sex witha stranger, also I was and embarrassing light weight at parties and too flirtatious. At 17 I accepted were I was on the popularity scale.Taverage) And I has sex with another stranger and I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life so I stayed on for sixth form and chose drama psychology and sociology and I felt that my friends were boring and never go out and ahs suicide thoughts and no motivationf for my future.. I am not 17 I was born on the 7th of october 1993 at 37mins past midnight what's your view on my life. I don't know why I have low self esteem and this fake bravado, when ever I'm alone I get depressed

Questions for new users - What's your favorite Disney Movie?
The answer is: Haha I was just wondering... when i think about disney movies they bring back old memories! And im talkin' about movies like Aladdin, not something more recent like Finding Nemo. Although i do love Finding Nemo! Here are my favorites:-Aladdin-The Little Mermaid-Oliver & Company-Peter Pan-MulanWhat are yours?

Whether you frequent the parks often or only get to visit once in a lifetime Disneyland has so much to offer you can always have a good day. Even when it gets crowded during the summer, spend your time enjoying the atmosphere. With a good full day you should have absolutely no problem doing all the rides you want to even with hour long waits for the best rides. Its called the happiest place on earth and for me it has always been my escape.

Questions for new users - What is your favorite cartoon movie?
We think that- the originalsnot the gay ones that are coming out nowlike cinderellathe original disney movies which ones are your favorite?mine is cinderella ans sleeping beauty=]i miss those days

of all this site is wierd but i had to come on it because I have to defend Walt Disney in a debate. Secondly 94 by is dead and buried NOT frozen. I just wanted to know from the person who wrote this article, are you a perv or sumthing cuz it takes a pretty sick mind to see those things!!! And the one withe the priest is his knee, not an erection!!! And the alleged S-E-X in the Lion King IS S-F-X for special effects. and who cares if they use the same characters in another movie, I mean Donald Duck had his own show but he s still on Mickey s!!

This weekend at the D23 Expo, Disney enthusiasts had the honor of asking questions about Pixars upcoming prequel, Monsters University, to be answered by the director himself, Dan Scanlon. Facts learned about the film include some backstory behind its creation, what Continue reading

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