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Popular questions - Is Disneyland Grad Nite in California worth going to?
The answer: I'm a little concerned I won't have much fun as expected. Cause of how packed it would be or the closed down rides. I don't know since I never went. Thats why I'm asking others who went in their high school graduation year. I hear everyone has a blast but theres some people that seem disappointed. Probably many of You on here has never went but its worth a try. I wanna learn as much about it as I can before I go. Thanks! :)

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Is there some sort of group therapy I can join? Do I need to experience more relationships to understand how good I have it? It drives me crazy to know that I am doubting something that is so good for me and any doubts I ever had aremultipliedand compounded by watching Tangled. This movie is perfect, by the way, if you hadn t figured that out. It may not be hand-drawn, but it is classic Disney perfection. Not to be a complete advert but yeah, you need to watch it. It s on Instant Netflix.

Frequently asked questions - How can I make a Halloween costume at home?
The answer is- Yes, I already searched it, but nothing helped.I have a lot of clothes, makeup, shoes, etc, but I am going to Disneyland for Halloween. I want to stay warm since I will be there all night, and I want it to be suitable for wearing all night.I am also trying to make one from the things I have. Any ideas?Thank you so, so much!

Popular questions - What were some of your favorite movies from childhood?
Here is the answer: There are countless movies I remember adoring and watching repetively. A few Disney classica I remember loving are : The Lion King,The Fox and the Hound,Pochahantas & Balto. Movies that were out of that kind of catergory but I still loved was Corrina Corrina,Clara's Heart, Hello Again, and I believe the other one was Wolfman, it starred Jack Nicholson I think and was not for kids at all but i liked it. I was a HUGE Whoopi fan as a small child. and still love her acting. Oooh and ofcourse the Color Purple, I know,again not a children's movie but I loved it anyways.So what movies do you remember watching as a child that you loved and watched again and again?

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