City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Animated disney clip art, Disney kingdom keepers.

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In 1932 Disney Studios released the first color cartoon, Flowers and Trees, which was also the first cartoon to win an Oscar.

Frequently asked questions : Who played Robin Hood in the Walt Disney TV Serial on Walt Disney Prresents in the late l950s or 60s?
We think that: It came on Disney on Sunday Niights. The actor who played Robin Hood was a little known actor. I have never seen him anything or anytime after that serial on Disneyh.

Frequently asked questions : Fun survey. Awesome questions.?
We think that: Random survey. Fun activity.?1 Your favorite color?2 Your favorite song?3 Your favorite Disney movie?4 Favorite character from The Lion King?5 Pets?6 Favorite pass time activities?7 If you could live in any state, what would it be?8 Favorite restaurant?9 Which grade year was your best?10 Do you consider humans animals?Extra points!1 List some ferocious animals.2 Have you ever been seen violence, I.E- fighting, gun, or public arguments?3 How does the things like violence, war, political strain, and other similar issues make you feel?No rude or dumb answers. If you are thinking of leaving a rude comment, don't bother taking the survey. Thank you

Eliots biography, which dwells unrelentingly on every salacious incident and rumor connected with Walt Disneys name, is fairly easy to dismiss. Charitably described as speculative, it contains a single passage concerning Walt Disneys alleged interest in cryonics:

And for the SEX spelled out in the leaves, I heard that Disney apologized for that one. Apparently, there were 2 people drawing that page and they both scribbled out the leaves and when they brought the page together, it spelled SEX.

Many people are interested - Is Banksy a terrorist?
The answer is: I am doing a research project into Banksy and finding similarities between Banksy and his works. The question that comes up for me is that is Banksy Classed as a terrorist in any sense of the word? Looking at the various definitions of the word terrorist he would not meet the criteria as they all have to do with violence however is he a terrorist in the sense that through a few of his pieces of art, His Guantanamo doll in disneyland he is intimidating the public through the forcing of unpleasant images into the public arena he has terrorised or frightened people. (The word terror comes from the latin verb terrere) If he is not classes in any sense as a terrorist, what could you class him as.Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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