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People often ask - We are going to disneyland in july and looking to stay at a motel/hotel?
We think that- that is not too close to disneyland. the reason is because i noticed that the motels/hotels that are at least 3 miles or farther to disney land are cheaper. I dont mind making the 10-15 minute drive to disneyland since we will have a vehicle. Which motel or hotel do you guys recommend? A decent one.

Frequently asked questions - Am i the only one who thinks these two shows aren't good for children?
We think that: I was having a conversation with my friends daughter (who is 13 but seems very mature for her age) about my own little one. i asked her what tv shows were her favourite when she was young because my daughter really only enjoys the disney princess movies and i wanted to introduce something new to her. Anyways my friends daughter told me that her two favourite shows growing up were Invader zim and Danny phantom. i decided to watch a few episodes of them to see what they were like and i was shocked by what i saw. These shows seem very dark. Am i the only one who thinks that these shows are not good for children?

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