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Many people are interested - I want to audition for disneyland princess. What should I expect?
We think that- Also, do you have to be an actress or dancer? Have they hired for natural talents? hahahah.. just a thought! Disneyland princess

Many people ask : What are some good non-Disney children's movies? Animated and non-animated?
We think that- Could be current or from your childhood. Which were your favorites? Which stood out to you the most because of story/animation/music?

This display case in the lobby of the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco shows many of the Academy Awards he won, including the distinctive special award at the bottom for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Many people ask : Any one know the name of this 90's kids movie?
We think that: I remember watching this as a kid, but I never knew the name. It was one of my favorites! I saw it on Disney, but apparently Disney never produced it. It was about a boy who gets grounded and is stuck in his room. He goes to sleep and ends up on an island. He meets a mermaid and she turns into a person and they go around the island looking for treasure or something. Along the way, there are these weird creatures and obstacles they have to face. Please help me with the name!!!

Frequently asked questions - SIMS 3!!!!!!!! HELP PLEASEEEE!!!!?
The answer is: i have 2 questions:1. i cantt get my town to load. my sisters' has their family and their houses. mine is the cartoon ones that are blue w/ no detail. i have tried making a second town but it just says you should REALLY restart the game or somthing. how can i do that???2. how to i make a really pretty sim??? mine just turn out ugly. \thanks you.

Questions for new users : Why would anyone take a baby to Disneyland?
We think that- I just don't understand why anyone in their right mind would take a baby or toddler to a place like Disneyland. The child is not old enough to enjoy or remember the experience, you can't go on the good rides when you have a small child with you, and worst of all, the strollers are a pain in the you-know-what for everyone else who paid to get in. When there's a big crowd, a lot of parents seem to think pushing a stroller gives them the right of way, I've even seen them use them as a sort of battering ram to get through the crowd. It seems like everytime we go, there's more strollers than the last time. When we went on 4/14, I saw children that looked 5 or 6 yrs old in strollers!Don't get me wrong, I love babies. I had 4 of them myself. But I never took my children to Disneyland until they were old enough to walk on their own.

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Snow White's Scary Adventures at Walt Disney World (in HD)


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