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Many people are interested : What is your favorite Disney movie?
We think that: I'm going to say Tangled for me. My niece loves it! So do I, haha!

Frequently asked questions : What about lion king?
Here is the answer: my favorite disney movie is lion king and i understand that it was put into the "disney vault"will i ever be able to purchase it on dvd or will they ever release it again?

Because Disney still perceives queens as evil and princesses as good, Disney actually does not market princesses that become queens.

People often ask : What is your favorite Hayley Mills movie?
Here is the answer- I grew up on "Parent Trap" and "That Darn Cat" and they are two of my favorite movies, but I LOVE "The Trouble With Angels". She was so good in that movie!I recently looked her up online and discovered many of her movies that I had never even heard of. Has anyone out there seen "The Chalk Garden"? It sounds really good, but I'm not even sure it exists anymore! I can't find it anywhere. I know that her Disney movies are excellent, and since they are Dinsey they are easy to find, but her other movies have disappeared! Has anyone seen any of her movies that weren't put out by Disney?

People often ask : Where is the best dating spot in LA? any recommendation?
We think that- where best dating spot in Los Angeles? Any recommendation?I want to take a girl out on a date, but she has been to all the obvious places (Disneyland, the beach, Knotts, Magic Mountain, etc.) Is there anywhere that you recommend in LA?I'm looking for more "fun" or "exciting," than "romantic"

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