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The first Disneyland Paris theme park is Disneyland Park Paris, which includes many of the same features you ll find at other Disney properties. There s Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Discoveryland, and the popular Main Street A Disney train runs through several of the different lands, allowing for easy access between them.

Well the kiddies and the disney flacks are posting. But as I have said before, if you look at the cable disney channels and see the programming directed to high schoolers by not so adolescent actors, you will see the behaviors and attitudes of the sleeze media. The real kids will like this stuff, including the adolescent love and infatuation plots, but the actual social implications will teach nothing. And of course the song and dance programs suggest a grooming for the next level of reality show participants. This eye stuff will likely cause social and discipline problems which the liberal lassies will defend, noisely

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Many people ask : What's your favourite Disney movie?
The answer: Please don't say High School Musical, or any of that shizz.I mean like the proper magical Disney movies, the ones you watched as a kid.My favourite would have to be either Lion King or Aladdin.How about you?:)

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I went to university with a princess. A real princess, not a Disney princess. She became a cracking engineer. Brilliant really.

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