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Many people are interested - Anime, movies and graphics?
Here is the answer: I know that we see, in one form or another, some tiny bit of Japanese cartooning and anime inserted into American t.v, seeing how the graphics make up at least 85%, if not more of our video games and all of the consoles that we play, moving from X-Box 360, Playstation 3, and the very popular Nindendo Wii. I may not be as some of you hard core fans and fanatics out there, but i still appreciate how each of the details look, down to the smallest thing. But, how come no one's ever put something as detailed and as CG into a live-action movie? Of course, the genre would have to be taken into account, whether its action or sci-fi, like Avatar- that was pretty cool. But something that, when you went to see in I-MAX 3D, would literally blow your mind. Comments.... questions of your own....

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The answer is- Age:State:Mood:Purple Or Green!?Witches Or Vampires!?Favorite Disney Movie!?Favorite Theme Park!?Hawaii Or Australia!?Haunted House Or Fun House!?Halloween Themed Episodes Or Christmas Themed Episodes!?

By 1982, Walt Disney World Resort had doubled its investment with the addition of Epcot, Walt Disney World Village and six resorts. Attendance had passed 100 million visitors.

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We think that: We are going to have an international fair. Each form has to pick a country and my form has chosen Spain. The winner will get to go out to Disneyland.I Want ideas for what to do for the fair. Such as any arts && craft stuff, eco those sort of things.Thank You (:

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The answer: The guy I'm crushing on said to me "We should go to Disneyland together, you'd have a good time" and then yesterday I was typing at the computer and he wanted to show me something on the screen and he sat close behind me (we work together) to my left and he was so close I could feel his breath on my neck and ear. I had my hair up so it was WOW for me!I would go out with him in a minute...I am older than he is..12 years but he thinks I am younger than what I really am. I don't think he would care about he age thing...he's 32. Think he's interested?

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