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Here is the answer: I always have really odd dreams, but especially yesterday night i had a few really weird dreams.. I just want to know what they mean, and why my dreams are always so full of logical fallacies. I always have weird dreams, many "happy feeling" too, like for example where i am in a beautiful colorful and lively underwater-world with all kinds of corals and fish etc...Anyway, let me get to this dream from yesterday:I was basically on a holiday trip or so and I was there with my school, and one day I was walking through this mall, and that mall had a pet shop in which all the animals were exotic and babies. The shopkeepers were all disney princesses(or so they looked.. could have been guys dressed up as them o.O) and when i went in they asked me if i could take care of the aggressive baby tiger for a day. I answered "sure!" because I LOVE tigers. So I took the tiger, walked through the mall. Since this tiger NEVER stopped biting people it didn't really know it was hard to carry him around more. I looked up and saw this "balcony" kind of thing in the mall then, and i was somehow able to jump RIGHT up there(even though it was pretty high if I think about it now). I stayed there with the tiger the whole night and we slept pretty well. The next morning I was wondering how on earth me and the tiger would get down from there again(very high!), and since everything was still black from darkness(and i couldn't see a thing) i couldn't really tell how high it really was. I was thinking, if i throw the tiger down first and followed after it might work. So that's what I did. I threw the tiger down, heard a thud, thought "wow, this is going perfect!" and made my way down too. Once I was down there, it was suddenly day time(light) and I could see the baby tiger lying down there covered with blood and it had even lost 2 teeth.... "Oh NO!!!" was how I reacted, and I could have killed myself for hurting the poor baby tiger that way. I felt so so sad.. I just couldn't live anymore.. a tiger, my favorite animal... and on top of that a baby! I cried in the dream. And the tiger(because it was so injured and hurt from falling) wasn't even biting me anymore, and it cuddled into my arms, making me feel even worse.What does this dream mean?Please help me understand!A few infos about things in the dream:-TIGERS are my favorite animals, because i once dreamt of a tiger being my best friend and standing up for me no matter how strong the enemies were.-DISNEY is something I still love. I think the movies are wonderful and pure unlike the movies and media we see these days.-PETS are also something I have always wanted to have but was never allowed when I was young.

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The answer: im stuck as to what to do when im older, go to LIPA in Liverpool or a university in Toronto, Canada as in Canada it would work out to be so much cheaper than here in england. here is a short thing of what ive donewell, im 14 atm, i live in england, go to england's top ranking school, and I'm staying for A levels in Sixth form, i am in year 10 nowand want to go to university, either a really good one in england,or one in GCSE's are the main subjects, spanish, history,music and techonlogy. i get good grades in these and i am good at all of my A levels before university, i would choose history,music, technology and english and if i can, biology/physics too.i want to be an architect, im good at design, i am fascinated my space and life, im very good at english, language and literature, i speak spanish, and im very good at history music i am good in lessons, get good grades,I am also a guitarist and have done all these , most of which in the last year and a half or so:i am in a fairly successful band, I was grade 8 (practically an A level and a proper qualification) by age 12/13, i have toured france, played at disneyland, Birmingham Syymphony Hall, Stoke Grand Theatre, Liverpool Philharmonic and the Royal Albert Hall as a finale of a concert there. my band (grunge/original genre) plays at least2 shows a month, we have played in theatres arond the country, we record constantly as i write all the music and lyrics and also manage pretty much everything about the group. not because i have to, i just want to because i find it fun. i am guitarist in another classic rock group touring too, and are working towards playing at the RAH again twice this year ( 3 times in total)my main goal is to try and get big with my bands, and maybe do the same as jimi page and work up in film music and then use my contacts/rep to help my band (basically cheat the system)and i also played ice hockey, which i was fairly good at too, but had to stop because it got too expensive. I have been involved with scouting since age 5 and continue to do that, bronze, silver gold and Queen award achieved. i am also in duke of edinburgh award and i am working towards my gold. In school I play guitar in the Choir, Jazz Band and as a solo performer.I also have a youtube channel where I re record songs and reproduce them as a form of studio engineer training if you will ,But I dont know what I want to do, obviously LIPA would be in the musical direction I know i could do with ease, but I also want to go to canada because of price, potential for success in my band, or put a new one together. but I'd have to start all over again.I dont even know what I want to do as a job yet, my plan at the moment is to do the subjects i like, then see what I can do at the end.SO basically, what type of thingsshould I do as a job? is it better for canada or LIPA in liverpool?no stupid answers please.

Popular questions : Do you ever think when you look at yahoo avatars!?
The answer: That you are really talking to a cartoon or to a child? It seems that it brings the realism that makes you think you aren't talking to a real person sometimes. A few times when I look at them I think I am talking or answering to a real person with a face. I don't know how many people have thought about it before!

Each page has been beautifully designed. The book features over 325 pictures, the overwhelming majority not seen ever by the public or for over 50 years. Walt and Roy Disney rare pictures, overhead shots, new groundbreaking and opening day book is amazing!

Walter Elias Walt Disney December 5, 1901 December 15, 1966 was an American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer, international icon, and philanthropist. Disney is famous for his influence in the field of entertainment during the 20th century. As the co-founder with his brother Roy O. Disney of Walt Disney Productions, Disney became one of the best-known motion picture producers in the world. The corporation he co-founded, now known as The Walt Disney Company, today has annual revenues of approximately 35 billion.

Questions for new users : What can I do to forget my first dog?
We think that- I need major advice.I have a dog right now a West Highland White Terrier and don't get me wrong I'm really happy I have her. The first dog I ever had was a female mixed breed - her name was Brandy, I loved her to death, she was my best friend when I just a little boy, she went snapping at the bee when I was in the swimming pool. My parents took me to Disneyland, we didn't have papers back then for Brandy, so we had to leave her in this kennel, where I lived in Kingston. When we got back, and Dad brought her to the car, the kennel had turned her into this vicious little monster of a dog, more vicious than any dog you'd see. I tried when petting her, when she came in the car, but she tried to bite me, she wouldn't even lick my face, like she used to. My dad tried to make her kind and loving dog she was, but it was a no-go. He gave her to my brother James and he couldn't handle her.He sold her and after that I don't where she went.I never got the chance to say goodbye.How do I forget her?

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