City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Best disney world theme park, Disney world crowd chart.

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Many people are interested - Can anyone give me some info on walt disney's work?
Here is the answer- Okay...I was kinda wondering what Walt Disney created. And Mr. Walt is very famous, but who actually worte some stuff?And please don't give any wikipedia articles~

Many people are interested - Who likes the Toy Story Movies?
We think that- Will you see Toy Story 1 and 2, when they are re-released in October in Disney Digital 3D?Whos your favorite character?

Questions for new users - What was your favorite disney movie of all time?
The answer is- Right if you ask me, LION KING is the best Disney classic I've EVER seen! What are your top 3 favorite Disney movies?Mine are:1. Lion King2. Lion King 2: Simba's Pride3. HerculesThose are mine, what are yours?

Frequently asked questions - Many westerners keep saying we Asians make our Anime characters based on them, do you think they are racist?
The answer: Because in reality we Asians make our Anime characters with :- Almond shaped eyes while those westerners born with deep set eyes that sink into their western head.- Small nose while those westerners born with loooong nose that shows how they love to lie.- Cute round face while those westerners born with boney square face that make them never can't look cute as cute as us Asians.- Sharp jaw while those westerners born with square jaw that shows their masculinity which are the opposite of our Anime character's femininity.- Smallish body form while those westerners born with big wide body form that make them look like giants.- Youthful/teenage appearance while those westerners aged too fast that make them look like old nannies and old pappies on their 2nd puberty when they cosplaying our Anime characters.Those westerners also using many stupid logic to convince themselves that we Asians make our Anime characters based on them, such as :- Our Anime characters big eye size. When the reason we Asians make our Anime characters eye size big [ which actually more bigger than those westerners or any other race eyes ] are to make our Anime characters look more cuter so that they will look more like us Asians, that is why our Anime characters we Asians make with big eye size are only female and children or children-looking Anime characters. Their logic become more stupid because they believe only their western race the only race in this world who have big eye size.- Our Anime characters yellow hair colour. When the reason we Asians make a very small portion [ less than 0,002% ] of our Anime characters to have yellow hair colour are to show their personality [ yellow for easy-going personality ], to show their magic element [ yellow for earth/lightning element ] and to make it easier to identify them among millions of our other Anime characters. Also the dominant hair colour we Asians gave for our Anime characters are black followed by silver, red, pink, orange, green and many other non black colours including yellow which proved it more that we Asians not make our Anime characters based on those westerners.- The story-setting of some of our Anime which take place [ not made ] in western countries. In other words they are saying a movie's story-setting will decide the actors/actress race so if the story-setting is in the west then the actors/actress will automatically look as westerners. When in reality, the Anime characters we Asians made in an Anime with a story-setting of in the west are not looking deferent from our other typical Anime characters we Asians made based on our Asians facial & body form.- The most stupid logic those westerners use are some of our Anime characters names. I don't need to explain why it is stupid because it is obviously stupid.There are still some other stupid logic like that but it is useless to mention all of it because all of it not changing the fact that in the end the one who look better on cosplaying or on looking like our Anime characters are us Asians ourselves. Logically if we Asians really make our Anime characters based on those westerners facial & body form then it would not be us Asians who look better on cosplaying or on looking like our own Anime characters but will be those westerners. Moreover it is us Asians the one who make all of our Anime characters so it is us Asians the one who know better about our own Anime characters or about our own Asian stuff.I can see how very suck those westerners feels because they can't make any Anime while they love the Anime we Asian made way much better than their own western cartoon, especially they always look hideous when they cosplaying our Anime characters. While those westerners keep living in their stupid western fantasy with their countless empty hope, we Asians move and work to RULE the world!Proud To Be Asian ^_^

Many people are interested : Do you ever like to do childish things to bring back memories...?
The answer is: Like watch the Disney movies that you use to love when you were a kid or play your favourite games (like candy land!) that you use to play when you were a kid??

Many people ask : In one sentence, which Disney movie is your favorite and why?
Here is the answer- the lion king. i love the storyline, the music, the animation is breathtaking, the characters (& comedic reliefs- rafiki, timon, & pumbaa)...its just so amazing!!

A central theme of the fairy tale Cinderella is the use of marriage to fulfill class ambitions. Cinderellas love for her mother, though neglected by critics, suggests that the conflict with the stepmother and stepsisters over who will marry the prince is really a social matter. Cinderella, as a genteel-bourgeois, is entitled to become a princess while her petit-bourgeois stepsisters are upstarts. Later versions, including Disneys 1949 film adaptation, reinforced the depiction of marriage as a means for women to realize their social aspirations. Expanded Academic Index

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Confidence, a Depression-era cartoon starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

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