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Frequently asked questions - What's your favorite animated Disney movie?
The answer is: No Pixar allowed. -)I'd have to choose... Aladdin or The Princess and the Frog. Love 'em both to death. :D

Behind Disneys good front lies hard porn, snuff films, white slavery, Illuminati mind-control, and the seduction of several generations into witchcraft. Disneys involvement in these kind of things will be explained in this chapter. Nobody has sold America witchcraft as well as the Disney brothers.

If you ask what is the core essence of Mickey to people around the World, you will get different answers, which is the problem Disney face. A good example is his voice, which generally is liked in Nth America, but which is considered childish on this side of the pond and this restricts the brand.

However before a tourist goes on a vacation to Walt Disney World, he or she should be well informed about the place. So if you too are planning a Walt Disney World holiday, get to know all about Walt Disney World, the theme parks there, the resorts and hotels, the car rental services, the Walt Disney World packages and so on. The internet is always a great place to find information and you could in fact find all you want to know right here, on this website.

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Remember, that at one time Hilton Head Island was private, with imported alligators in the water around it. A person was only allowed on the island by going through security gates with a clearance. In a later newsletter, Disneys Hilton Head Island Resort was mentioned.

Another option, if you dont feel like eating in your room, is to look for hotels that offer packages including a free breakfast. DoubleTree Guest Suites in Downtown Disney offers MouseSavers readers a FREE Continental breakfast daily. Buena Vista Suites always includes a full buffet breakfast in its room rates.

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