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My husband and I took our 5 year old daughter to Disneyland just this past May. We purchased one of those Magic Kingdom Club packages available through UC Visitors Center which included hotel and Disneyland passes also has airfare if needed. If you have the time, I highly suggest getting the 5-day passport for Disneyland. Its very tiring trying to see all of Disneyland in one day. We also stayed at a very reasonable and clean hotel, Park Inn International, which is right across the street from the main entrance to a ten minute walk. We often took breaks throughout the day and headed to the hotel for a swim and rest.

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Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party. 7 PM to Midnight - November 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 18, 27, 29, and 30; December 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, and 18, 2011. This event requires a special ticket - your Magic Your Way ticket wont get you in. Tickets are 55 - 63 depending on the date and age of the participant. It is a fun event but it costs a chunk of change so use your own judgment as to whether this is a must do event for your trip. Just call and well be happy to answer your questions or to book those tickets for you. If you are not doing this event, you will want to be aware that the Magic Kingdom closes early - at 7PM - on the nights of the Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party and they generally wont have the Disneys Main Street Parade those nights

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We think that: Two of my friends and I are going on a senior trip (no parents) to California, and are deciding whether to fly or drive. We are all 18. We live in Indiana, so it is about 3000 miles 1 way. Plus we would stop and do things on the way.We would have to fly out of Cincinnati and into Sacramento, then out of San Diego into Cincinnati. Then in California we are going to San Fransisco, Hollywood/LA, San Diego, Disneyland, and Petaluma. So we would have to get a rental car, and there are only a limited number of places who will rent an 18 year old a rental car and they charge outrageous prices. But if we drove, that's putting like 7,000 miles on MY car, plus it would take a few days, and we would have to pay for a hotel. So I calculated it would be about $1000 for gas round trip if we drove, plus extra lodging (were spending 6 days in CA) so if it took 2 days to get there and two days back it would be like $400. But Airfare would be $450 each round trip. Plus a rental car and gas would be $500, if we could even get one. Although if we drove we could spend more time together before we leave for college, and it could be more fun, and we would get to see more Like the Grand Canyon, and the Rocky Mountains.My budget is $6000, do you think that would be enough? I'm paying for everything besides the stuff my friends buy and their food. We are leaving the 19th of July. What would you do? Also any tips for us. Thanks!

There are some beautifully illustrated books available for Disney Pixars Up movie. Here is a small selection which are suitable for young readers.

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