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People often ask - Disney character?
We think that- Who is your favorite disney character? Why?I like Mickey. He has the cutest ears..

People often ask : What is your favorite disney movie and your favorite part in that move?
We think that- im doing a survey and id love it if you could answer thanks so much! :)

Lots of parents fail to realise that Eurodisney Paris is great for both children and adults alike. In fact, there are loads of aspects of Disneyland life that are only suitable for adults. For instance, there are some rides that will definitely be too terrifying for your kids. There is also a selection of bars and clubs that stay open way into the night and there are spa and beauty treatments available. Having a massage at Disneyland is an epic experience and it s a great way to relieve any unwanted stress and tension while on holiday. There are some divine restaurants at Disneyland too, which makes for a great evening. Why not invest in a babysitter? All parents appreciate some alone time during a holiday at Disneyland. In fact, it seems fair to say that it is fundamentally necessary.

Frequently asked questions : I want to be famous but have a talent that is hard to come by?
The answer- im a fantastic artist. and i dont want to sound braggy, but i have to in order to establish my issue. i am in high school, i have been drawing since i was three. by age ten, i could draw all the characters from disney movies as well as the actual cartoon, (example: lion king) by age 13 i was painting and doodling to the point that i found i couldnt get any better. now, im in high school, and all my art classes are too simple. i get straight 100's and my teachers dont know what to do for me. i asked my mom if i could petition to get into higher level classes and get discovered, but she rejected it. i dont know how to go about getting famous this way. i always wanted ot make my own movies that were animated and then direct them, but how can i get there. (im not looking for personal opinions, im looking for experienced people) and by the way, i physically cannot get better, my teachers draw worse than me. i want to be an animator or something right now, and stop wasting my time. can anyone give me advice to become a moviemaker right now this year? anyone know an agent who likes that stuff?

Frequently asked questions : Whats your favorite disney movie/princess?
We think that: movie: aladdin and mulanprincess: jasmine and pocohantas

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We think that- Exciting, I know, but let's try to stay calm.1. What is your gender and age?2. Favorite Disney movie or Character?3. Favorite Relative?4. Weirdest thing you ever dropped in the toilet?5. Trampoline or Computer?6. Beach or Snow?7. Cell Phone or iPod?8. Are you excited for tomorrow?9. Sunshine or Moonshine?11. Laughs or Giggles?12. Breakfast or Dinner?13. What time is it?14. Did you notice #10 is missing?Star if you had a ballin' time answering this.

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