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This hotel is great for families, easy 5 minute free bus to the gates of Disneyland Paris. Rooms are spacious and we loved the Occidentale soaps. Food is not gourmet, but there is great choice. We have stayed twice and all the family loved it.

Another problem with the book is that much of the rest of the text was copied directly from the Unofficial Guidebooks for the US parks. Its understandable that the explanations about the characters, the rides, and the philosophy of the books would be the same, as would the descriptions of some of the rides. However, it would have helped to have some of the differences explicitly pointed out. The Disneyland California book has a page that compares the attractions that are shared with the other US parks.

Popular questions - Isn't it incredible how people can fail but gloriously succeed?
Here is the answer- Thomas Paine failed schooling at 12.Thomas Edison never made is past 2nd grade.Von Braun, the great German rocket scientist failed 10th grade mathAbraham Lincoln, who largely self-educated, was a political failure, losing elections all the time.Walt Disney was once fired from a newspaper company because "his ideas weren't creative enough".Ben Franklin only went to formal school for a few years, mainly being self-educated...(ok, not a "failure" but I thought that was pretty cool)

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I love this!! Completely with you on your Walt Disney theory - although I have to say I plump for the illuminati theory. Do you write stuff on conspiracy theories by any chance? Id be interested in that!

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