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People often ask : Where can I buy Dumbo pyjamas?
Here is the answer- Its my sisters birthday coming up she is going to be 13 and her favourite disney character is Dumbo where could I get Dumbo pjs from?

Many people ask - What is wrong with me and how do I stop this?
The answer- Alright you can go ahead and call me a freak cuz I know what I'm about to explain will sound 100% insane, but I just REALLY REALLY want to know what is wrong with me. Okay: there's this cartoon show that I've been obsessed with since I was 8 yrs old. I'm now 13 [just a few months away from being a 14] and I'm still obsessed with it. Well, kinda - see, it's not so much that I'm obsessed with WATCHING it, it's that I'm obsessed with thinking about the one character that I've always pretty much idolized ALL THE TIME. Like, I can't go for very long without thinking of this character, I start making up scenarios in my head that involve this character [not like me and the character, I mean a scenario that could happen to them with other characters from the show]. Pretty much any time I listen to ANY song I find a way to relate it to her and I start making a music video if you will in my head about the scenario I'm making up. I'm a girl and I am not a lesbian or bisexual or anything so don't think that I'm obsessed with this character in THAT way. See the thing is she's the really evil [literally evil] and mean girl of the show, and she's really gorgeous, and I've always done this thing since I was little where I love the mean girl from TV shows and movie but I CAN'T STAND mean girls in real life. And i'm not a mean girl myself, might I add. It's gotten to the place where I feel like "Well I can't do ___ [insert some kind of just basic life function - not like breathing or eating but u get it] because she wouldn't" and it's like this is completely taking over my life! I've done this for like a year or more now, I don't know why, I wish I could just get over it, but I don't even know why I do it! I know how completely crazy this makes me sound and I know this was really long but if anyone actually read it all then THANK YOU SO MUCH and PLEEEASE if anyone could tell me why I do this/what's wrong with me + how to stop, I'd be sooo sooo thankful!

Frequently asked questions : Bring Back old disney! And I mean Old!?
Here is the answer: Look I'm not trying to be offenceing to anyone who likes lizzie mig- eh idk how to spell it. But I'm talking about Old Disney! I mean the Black & White. Do you remember MickeyMouse? Donald Duck? Goofy pluto all of them! I Always ALWAYS loved goofy and I'm a voice makeover person and I can sound like him. I be talking to my friends in A goofy way and do "Uh Huck!" yahooohoohooweee!" All The Stuff He said. But Remember Dippy Dawg? the very first goofy! Doanld Duck. Remember it all started with a Mouse! If Walt Disney Was here today he be saying. What happened? Whats with this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Where Whinnie The pooh? Why did they put Darber in there, it's just like barbie! Wheres WD version of The three little pigs? Alice In Wonderland, this isn't right! He's In Heaven Right Now looking down on us with everyone else and it's like people forgot what Disney Was about! I'm 12 and I'll admit right here. I don't like Jonas crappers all of them hanna throwupata! This Isn't Right! Where's Soembody throwing a pie at somebodys face wheres if somebody got hit by an Anvil they pulled thereself right up! Now They Think kids like stuff with farting and that! Like that new stupid show Kid buttowiski! Where I Went To WDW I was like...Disney wheres the true meaning? hey they can keep there brain washing tv shows they got on now! But why don't they make a new channel called something like. DisneyComofrts? OldDisney? SOmethingand put all the black & white shows on! Whinnie the Pooh! All of them, look I dont like Twighlight Or this crap but hey i'm a kid who wishes for the 1932 cartoons! I have a whole collection of tiggers and well never sell them! The disney they got on now wasnt meant for pre schoolers! Please do you want this back?

Walt Disney World will open a four-day window on Sept. 12 to apply for its 2012 Moms Panel. This year, the resort will be looking for panelists who are knowledgeable about Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland, Adventures by Disney, runDisney and Disney Vacation Club.

Everything at Walt Disney World is carefully constructed and choreographed to maintain your perceptions of visiting an idealized world. Company jargon frames every aspect of customer service as part of the show: employees are cast members, visitors are guests, and every prop and costume must be completely in-character while on-stage visible to guests.

Popular questions : What's your favorite song (from a Disney movie)?
We think that- Mine would have to be A Whole New World from Aladdin, but it's very close to Circle of Life. You?(There's a VERY good reason I'm asking this in the B&A section, by the way :D)

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