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Add to your kids Disney Princess dress-up collection with this Ariel the Little Mermaid Tiara. This costume tiara is decorated with beautiful purple, teal, and white beads and trimmed with green sequins. An Ariel character cameo is centered and placed on More

Popular questions - What movie character should I be?
The answer is- i am in 7th grade right now and 5'2 or 5'3. i want to dress up for spirit week and i'm not sure which person i should be for favorite movie character day.i want to be dorothy from the wizard of oz but the costume is kind of expensive. my favorite movies are...Arthur (and dont say liza minelli)Forrest GumpWizard of Ozand then i could dress up as characters from these tv showsthe officehannah montanaand then i would count any disney princess.thanks!

People often ask - Old kids movie?
Here is the answer: I remeber an old kids cartoon. Basicallyh there is this little girl(maybe an orphan) some how she gets a flying horse or a pegasus. So they fly away to another place and she makes friends, I can only remeber this one boy. Anyway there is a spell or something that changed this place gray, and everyone turns mean. First the guy, then he turns back and the girl goes bad. I can't remeber much after that other than I had a doll that went with the movie. Thanks

Rub elbows with Chef Goofy and his pals at this whimsical all-you-care-to-eat buffet with inventive culinary surprises. Goofys Kitchen is a great place to celebrate birthday parties too so if you are celebrating a big day, be sure and come party Disney style!

All Im saying is Disneys empire is falling. Even if they have Pirates of the Caribbean and Narnia are good films to a series, theyre still becoming Garbage I would throw up before I could eat it. Just how far has Disney fallen?

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