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In 1965, 10 years after Man in Space first aired, von Braun invited Disney and others involved in the 1950s films to tour the Marshall Space Flight Center. 40 Von Braun and his employees clearly hoped that the reunion might rekindle Disneys enthusiasm for space exploration. One Marshall official wrote, Out of this we would at least establish good will, and maybe if we play our cards right we could get something going that would be of tremendous benefit to MSFC, Apollo, NASA, and the entire space effort. 41 Von Braun himself wrote that the Disney tour may easily result in a Disney picture about manned space flight. 42 On April 13, 1965, Walt Disney, his brother Roy, and other Disney executives visited the Marshall Center. 43 In an interview with The Huntsville Times, Disney said, If I can help through my TV to wake people up to the fact that weve got to keep exploring, Ill do it. 44 In reality, the tour at Marshall and other NASA sites did not inspire Disney to use the 1950s television series as a model for a new film about space exploration. No doubt, Wernher von Braun was well qualified to imagine what the show and the future American space program might have looked like if Disney had chosen to do so.

The Swan and Dolphin Resorts are located in the heart of Walt Disney World. These award winning resorts are located between Epcot and Disneys Hollywood Studios with Disneys Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom theme parks close by.

Join us on the green carpet for the official World Premiere of Disneys Alice in Wonderland. Were live from Londons Leicester Square for a very important date with Johnny Depp and the incredible British cast.

At this point in time, Disney comics were only being drawn for the daily newspapers in the United States, so Murry first worked his way up to the job of film animator. Mostly he worked for Fred Moore, who was one of Disneys foremost animators, and who essentially created the modern Mickey Mouse. This is the primary reason that Murry gives for his subsequent emphasis on drawing Mickey comics. In addition to short films, he also worked on Pinocchio, Dumbo, Saludos Amigos and Song of the South; all containing characters that he would later work on in his comics.

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