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The popular 1946 Walt Disney film Song of the South was based on the works of author Joel Chandler Harris. However, Disneys stereotypical portrayal of blacks in the movie was a distortion of the original texts and the Uncle Remus character. America: History and Life

You get to see the other side of the empire as well. Theres a whole section dedicated to the war propaganda that the studio dedicated all of their work to. Its quite a thing to see Mickey and Donald calling on all patriots to rally for victory. Theres even some eyebrow raising nude Disney Pinups, drawn by the studio itself and sent off to soldiers on the field.

The point is they wouldnt have paid for licensing in the first place because they aren t a money mongering business, it s a state owned park. The purpose for ripping off these characters is for the people, not to suck in more customers. Unlike us rich bastards in USA and Japan, most people in China will never have to chance to go to a real Disneyland or afford a ton of real imports, so get over it, they re the ones still getting shafted in the long run.

Many people are interested - Who is you favorite Disney character(s)?
Here is the answer- Name your favorite film/TV/Game your favorite character(s) are/is in

People often ask - How to get my friend to go to sleep ?
The answer is: Me and my friend were watching our favorite cartoon yesterday and it had a catchy song on it and my friend has been singing it all night ! I can't sleep and its driving me crazy ! What can I do to make her stop singing and go to sleep ? !

Popular questions - Y'all tell me your favorites?
We think that: Favorite food?Favorite Disney character?Favorite celeb?Favorite song by The Beatles??Favorite musical instrument?Favorite store?Favorite song?favorite movie?

This just in! I received a new teaser image for Walt Disney World Pro today, along with a few new details. Apparently the app will feature over 600 original photos taken by the TimeStream Software staff. Most of these photos will be original to this new app, and there will be multiple large photos per attraction.

People often ask - I would love for a theist to answer: Is there anything a person can do if they want to become religious?
Here is the answer: I have been agnostic since I could remember, probably because I grew up in Eastern Europe, in an atheist family. I have always had deep respect for all people, atheists, religious, agnostic, etc, and would call neither "stupid" or ignorant. When religious friends of mine went through pain, I was amazed at how much strength they could draw from their faith even if all seemed lost. When I feel lost or in pain, I try to generate hope and strength from within and when unsure of a decision, i would consult with close family and friends. At some point, as an agnostic I decided to at least learn about Christianity and other religions in the hope that I will discover a new sense of self. I read the Bible,(I already knew a lot from reading old testament in lit class and children bible cartoons), took classes in college when I came to the US at age 20) and started listening to preachers (what they said made perfect sense even if I ignored the Chrisitian part:( I guess coz my culture and morality is based on Christianity anyway), talked to people about their experience with faith (muslim and christian friends surprisingly said almost the same things), but I soon discovered that I am looking for proof and I will never find it, coz the whole point is to not need proof, but just believe, so I just decided to live with the purpose of being happy (which actually involves helping others in need, that makes me the happiest). My christians friends alsosaid that "it will just come to me" , but looking proof was just stupid. What do you think, should I make any effort or is it that I have obviously already made a choice and Im just making excuses for it? Iam also very scientific, in terms of big bang theory, age of the earth, etc, but I know there are plenty of scientist who have no problem with the blend.

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