City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Characters in walt disney, Disneyworld military hotel.

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Questions for new users - What's your favorite Disney movie?
The answer is- Mine is Lion King. Best movie ever! What's yours?

by: Martyn Davis. Disneyland is the ultimate place to take your children for fun, fantasy and an exciting time they will never forget and with the Disneyland Resort Paris being accessible to over 300 million people that can fly there in under two hours

Many people are interested - My friends view on supersoakers. (GUN VIOLENCE) Please read I know it's long I'm sorry.?
The answer: Ok so i work with kids and my director noticed this one kid making a gesture with his hand like he was using it like a gun. He was just playing like most boys do but she scolded him and told him to stop. I asked what's the big deal he didn't do anything. She said to me like I was some kind of monster "you don't see anything wrong with that!" I said not really. She began to go on about how there is too much violence in our country and that gestures like that and video game violence and violent cartoons cause kids to be violent. I said to her well what about supersoakers? Is there something wrong with kids having those? She said "I will not let my child have a supersoaker!" I said to her I grew up with bothvideo gamess and supersoakers and so did my friends and we have never shot anyone I was never violent at all and I said there is no correlation between video game violence and real violence. (Get this, she tld me she had a supersoaker as a kid but and she is not violent but will not let her kid have one).The issue is with the parents and how the teach their kids the difference between fantasy violence and real violence. I also added that denying your kids certain things and not allowing them to understand something can actually cause them to want that thing more. Deny your kid a super soaker and shield him from all things violent he gets older can do this, he gets curious shoots a gun, he likes it, now he's infatuated because he was not taught or eased into the situation. She said to me " well do you think this kids parents are teaching him properly (He's a disadvantaged kid)? I said maybe not but what your doing isn't helping. You don't control what goes on in his home but if they do condone violence you scolding him does not prevent anything. If anything he will resent you from denying him what he is used to at home which will make him embrace it more because your punishing him for something that he is not even associating with violence. (BTW I work with this kid everyday I know he's a sweet kid)I say teach the kids about the dangers of the reality of violence but don't try to censor them from a reality that it does exist. Being a martial artist I have learned this, when you learn about violence accompanied by philosophy that violence should be avoided at all costs you will have no desire to be violent. When you teach violence as a means to hurt and see it as a positive thing that casues people to violent towards others.Do you think she is being extreme or am I just not understanding something? If I'm wrong please explain how I am wrong.

In addition to his theme parks, Disney created and endowed a new university, the California Institute of the Arts, known as Cal Arts. He thought of this as the ultimate in education for the arts, where people in many different disciplines could work together, dream and develop, and create the mixture of arts needed for the future. Disney once commented: Its the principle thing I hope to leave when I move on to greener pastures. If I can help provide a place to develop the talent of the future, I think I will have accomplished something.

Popular questions : Does anybody knows about a cartoon with a cat named musette or something like that? does anybody have picture?
The answer is- is about a white cat named musette...meusette...I do not know how it's writen the name...but I know that she make a trip to paris, and the cartoon is a little bit the 90's.

Frequently asked questions - I want to send a home-made book of quotes to my older sister at college.?
Here is the answer: I am sending my older sister a care package at college. Besides including the basics, I want to include a home-made book of quotes. Any quote suggestions would be greatly aprecciated. If this helps, we loved watching the classic disney movies together, and her favorite shows a Friends, The OC(season 1 only), Friday Night Lights, Greys Anatomy,Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill. I really want to send this package within the next week, so anything would help me!

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