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Many people are interested - Who created the Walt Disney signature logo? It is a stylised version of Walt Disney`s but not actually his.?
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We think that- Since childhood it has been my dream to become a well-known writer/creator of TV shows, from cartoons to dramas. What does it take to break into industry? What kind of degree should I have, Creative Writing, English or Screenwriting? Does it matter what university I graduated from or country I came from? How should I start building my portfolio and making connections?

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Here is the answer: i make cartoons with paint and windows movie maker but when ever i put a pictcher in my movie when i play my movie it doesent go fast enough i need to know how to make it fasterHELP ME!!!!!!

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We think that- So this guy and I keep talking just like in the halls and a little in class. I kinda have a crush on him.(High School) It was the last day of school before spring break on thursday so I kinda just took a leap and was like hey we should go to disneyland together. (We live like 45min from it) And he was like my schedule is kinda crazy and then he proceeded to tell me what was happening everyday of spring break. Then after class he said he might be able to go next Thursday so I was like alright cool. Then after another class I said ya just facebook me if you still want to fo Thursday. Then I started to walk by myself because I didn't want to be to clingy or anything, but the be stopped me to get my number and that was it. Alright... so he has my number its been like 4 days and he hasn't texted me. I know he might be waiting for it to be closer to Thursday but I feel like if he like liked me he would have just started text me anyways.Thoughts?

membership sales pitches. Because the 2 Disney brothers chief contributions to the production of Disney films were the finances and occassionally the ideas used in a film, it is rather misrepresentative of things that Walt Disney got all the credit for the success and quality of the Disney cartoons. He was showered with 700 awards and honors from important people, including 30 oscars, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 64. Walt Disneys great animators never got the credit they deserved, but no one should forget that Walt was the driving force that inspired and guided his workers. In 1934, Walt Disney made a cartoon about a goddess of the Mystery Religions named Persephone. In the cartoon entitled The Goddess of Spring, the goddess Persephone is captured by Satan as his bride and sent to the underworld, with the agreement she could return to earth six months of each year.

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