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Hyperion Press, a Disney-owned subsidiary, has published Lettin It All Hang Out, the autobiography of RuPaul, a well known drag queen transvestite entertainer.

Beyond all of that is Disney s top-secret next generation technology. Reportedly, Disney is sinking over one billion dollars ! into this new technology which will completely change the way its guests experience a Disney World vacation. Disney is being more secretive than usual about the project, so very few details are known.

Questions for new users - Do you remember this attraction at Disneyland?
The answer is- It was in 3D and had something to do with Star Wars and Michael Jackson dancing in it with robots.. what was the name of the ride?

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For many people, Disneyland is the dream vacation, a trip of a lifetime. Why spend all your time there in line, or pay too much for your trip? Our guidelines will help you avoid the most common mistakes Disneyland and Disney California Adventure visitors make.

Interesting, unpublished fact: you can use any unexpired, leftover days on a Walt Disney World ticket at Disneyland or Disney California Adventure ! Present the Disney World ticket at the front gate on arrival - - they will take it somewhere, deduct a day from it, and give you a one-day Disneyland Park Hopper ticket. You can repeat this day by day until the Disney World ticket is used up. They will not give you a multi-day ticket all at once, even if you have multiple days left on your Disney World ticket. Also, reader Danny P notes that any Disneyland ticket obtained from exchanging a Walt Disney World ticket must be used on the same day it was exchanged.

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