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Frequently asked questions : How can i make a movie on the computer?
The answer- short cartoon my pictures allow others to see it

Disney Pixars Up is the first animated movie ever to open the Cannes Film Festival in its 62 year history. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

Many people ask : Who is your favourite Disney Princess and if you feel like it, why?
The answer- I love Belle. She is my absolute favourite. When I was little, one of the reasons was she was the only Disney Princess who had brown hair like me. I also love the story of Beauty and the Beast in general and I love the Disney version and I love all of the characters...I'll stop ranting now.Who is your favourite?

Frequently asked questions : What do you think about how I dress?
We think that- Hello there. ^^ I like to dress in bright colors with black and other dark colors. I wear shirts with cartoon characters sometimes too. I have scene hair with a little bit of blonde in my bangs. I know this style is referred to as scene, but I looked up what people say about them. They say they take pictures non-stop, wear pounds of makeup,have horrible/rude attitudes, and talk like that internet talk (for example: dats soo k00l) I'm not like that. I'm really nice and kind to people. People like me because I make them laugh and smile. I never try to hurt anyone. I take pictures, but not everyday! I have a myspace and facebook, but it doesn't have like a million pictures of me. I like to dress like that because I have a passion for art and I'm always making art. Please tell me what you think. I don't appreciate rude comments. Thanks :)

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When America was forever changed on September 11, 2001, the Sleeping Beauty Castle walk-through was shuttered. There was no way that Disney officials could have unsupervised individuals walking freely and unsupervised up into what is absolutely one of Americas most recognizable icons - not with wide-spread fears of anthrax attacks, more explosive attacks or anything else criminal the mind could conjure keeping our country on pins and needles.

Questions for new users : What makes "cartooning" so dangerous?
The answer: "Freedom of expression" comes to mind. I remember a time when cartooning started out as a fun thing to do but now I'm not so certain it is all about having fun. Have you any personal stories about your experiences with cartooning and how your life has changed or how cartooning has changed with the new freedom of expression. Thank You.

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