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The answer- i have alittle situation on my trying to figure out whether or not this was intentional or not. help!a mutual friend i made through my ex of last year, invited me by. i like himalot and was excited to come chill. when iget there hes t here witha buddy searching for jobs online.we talk and chill and an hour into it the friend there suggests that my friend call up my ex for job advice. he does.when he hangs up he whispers, to me , so an d so is coming over.why invite him if he knows we dont talk? my ex avoids me, i avoidhim. i thught it was wierd. they had just been to disneyland together a few days ex gets there and talks fast and loud and alot the entire time, about racing cars , dinner with his girl, shopping and sports. then he leaves. they didnt talk much about jobs. why do you think he came? why do you think he was invited, or i was invited? i feel like there was more to it t han you think there was something to this??it felt ex is in a relationship with the gitl he was with before me.tell me what you think! thanks :)

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We think that- This was a Disney Sunday Night movie in the mid 1980s, I believe. It has always been my favorite movie. Can anyone tell me whether you know if I can buy it somewhere? I only have it recorded from TV during the original showing of it. I cannot find it to buy on Amazon. Everyone I talk to has no idea about the movie. Maybe I was the only one to see it?

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Pinocchio and Fantasia followed Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs into the movie theaters in 1940, but both proved financial disappointments. The inexpensive Dumbo was then planned as an income generator, but during production most of the animation staff went on strike, permanently straining relations between Disney and his artists.

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In the original plans, we considered doing a non park day today because we figured this would be one of the highest crowd days of our trip at the parks. But, we decided we would do some park time and some stuff outside the parks. The choice for today is the Studios for the morning and then to Downtown Disney DTD for lunch. We had an Advance Dining Reservation at Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge for dinner so we would get a chance to explore another resort as well.

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