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Many people are interested - UK: Are you a 90s child?
We think that: Do you remember these? Did you do this stuff? (my answer is underneath)You wore leggings and crops tops and thought you were coolOh my, I did. How shameful!You used to play with ‘Polly PocketsHaha of course- every girl didYou had a huge fringe at some point in your childhoodAHHHH nooo! I wont admit it….ok I will I had that awful fringe!!You remember reading and watching ‘GoosebumpsYup sure doYou took plastic cartoon lunch boxes to schoolOh I went through so many cause I kept breaking mine lolYou remember the craze of yo-yos, trolls and tamagotchisOhh tamagotchis! Who didn’t have one?You collected pokemon cardsOh God yes I did!! That was a huge craze around here- how sad eh?You watched the original Postman Pat, Fireman Sam, Ghostbusters and Ninja TurtlesPostman pat, postman pat postman pat and his black and white cat….lalalalalala la… haha I am a saddoYou still rub 50 pence coin’s and making wishes like in the Queens NoseMahahah I used to do thatYou owned the Sega Mega Drive Console and played Sonic the Hedgehog for hoursPlaystations eat your heart out cause sega mega drive was awesome!You got your mum to by ‘BN’ biscuitsOhh yes I did! Those darn advertsYou know the MACERENA by heartSadly yes….still doYou wore ADIDAS poppers and KAPPA tracksuits and thought you were cool*wipes tears from eyes* I can’t stop laughing! Those were seriously cool! Annoying when someone undid them but those things were awesome! Bring back poppers (the clothes not the drug haha)

Many people are interested - How does Jem And The Holograms meet The Backstreet Boys sound to you?
The answer: OKAY! This is basically 80's meets 90's. The cartoon musical movie I'm going to make is called "Jem And The Holograms Meet The Backstreet Boys" I got the idea to make this movie from watching Arthur: It's Only Rock N' Roll {2002}. The Backstreet Boys are going to perform the song Nothin' But The Music at an 80's meets 90's bomb concert in the summer of 1999 to celebrate the last year of the 90's. And The Backstreet Boys want the BEST music band of the 80's to perform with them. So they're going to travel in a time machine to the year 1985 and look for the perfect pure 80's looking rock band to perform with. And I thought Jem And The Holograms would be pefect. What do you think?

Frequently asked questions : What's your favorite disney movie?
We think that: mine's mulan.

This list of the old Walt Disney movies include only those movies that have been produced by Walt Disney Productions and later by Walt Disney Pictures. It does not include movies that were distributed by Disney. The list is in ascending order starting from the first Disney movie release and goes on to include some of the best Disney movies ever made till the start of the 21st century. Whether or not the top Disney movies from the 1990s can be classified under old Disney movies is a question that remained unanswered but some of the best Disney movies were probably the old Disney movies from the 90s.

Frequently asked questions : Who are your favorite Marvel, Disney, or any Romantic Movie Couples?
The answer is- Okay, now here is my list and honestly I can't think of any of other favorite movie couples.For Marvel:Rogue/Gambit--I was sad that they weren't together in the movies and Rogue was instead with ICEMAN? I was like What?! But the fact that Rogue can't touch anyone, yet that Gambit loves her anyway, is the sweetest thing ever. The way they are in the X-Men cartoon and X-Men Evolution when he gives her the Queen of Hearts card is sweet.**Now don't get mad at me because I didn't pick Mary Jane and Peter Parker. I mean they were cute in the comics and the SOME of the TV shows, but in the movies, they weren't too cute. Sorry.Disney:Mulan/Shang--They're relationship wasn't like most of the others. They couldn't build their relationship right away because well, Shang thought she was a guy. Unlike most of the Disney movies, it wasn't love at first sight (which would have been weird). They started as good friends and soon fell in love. And I love that even though he can fight off Huns, Shang was still afraid to talk to her. Now that's true love:)Romantic Movies:Kat/Patrick Verona--They started out completely different from each other, but grew to like each other. Patrick didn't "tame" her, he simply loved her. Their two personalities just worked well!Joanna/Sam (from Love Actually)--Thomas Sangster is the cutest boy ever. I just loved the innocence in their love for each other and the lengths at which he would go to for her.Aurelia/Jamie Bennett (from Love Actually)--They fell in love even though they didn't understand each other. Then the fact that they learned the other language so they could understand each other was even sweeter.Jenna/Mark (13 Going on 30)--Best friends turned into Lovers. Need I say more? How she found out she loved him all along, was cute.Baby/Johnny (Dirty Dancing)--"Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner" :DHenry/Lucy--"Forgetful Lucy" Just a sweet movie! I love this movie!Jamie/Landon (A Walk to Remember)-Opposites attract! I absolutely love this movie and they are just cute together. He changed so much when he was around her. And followed her list! That is just sweet.**AND DONT GIVE ME TWILIGHT! I'm sorry but Kristen Stewart isn't the greatest actress. I did not feel any sparks between Bella and Edward. I liked the books more than the movie.What are your favorite couples?

Many people ask - Hidden sexual messages in the disney movies?
Here is the answer: do you really think they put hidden sexual messages in the disney movies on purpose or just all a big coincidence? i mean lion king was one of my favorite movie of all time when i was younger and i actually did see when it say sex in the dust but disney went on to say it really says sfx. i don't know if i believe them...i mean really...sfx?

Many people ask - Do you have to use the fast pass at Disneyland CA before the expiration time?
We think that- Are they strict with this rule? i am traveling there in mid august when it is super busy and i am wondering if you can "collect" the fastpasses. if i get a ticket and it expires at 2 what happens if i show up at 3? What are your expeiriences?

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