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In its original form, the Disneyland attraction contained a scene in which pirates were shown chasing attractive females in circles achieved by simply placing figures on rotating platforms hidden below guests view, along with a comical reversal in which an overweight woman was seen chasing a pirate. Some guests were offended by this depiction, and in response Disney initially changed the woman chasing the pirate by having her try to hit him with a rolling pin. In 1997, this sequence was changed so that the pirates pursued women holding pies, and the large woman is chasing a pirate with a stolen ham. However, the audio of the womens giggles while being chased remained despite the complaints. Sometime after this the audio was also removed.

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2011 Star Wars weekends at Disneys Hollywood Studios. Friday - Sundays - May 20 - 22May 27 - 29June 3 - 5June 10 - 12, 2011. See Star Wars characters, autograph sessions, Legends of the Force motorcade, Stars of the Saga Q A, Hyperspace Hoopla, and more. This event is included in the cost of your Walt Disney World Resort theme park admission. Fun event for Star Wars fans. Most of the activities occur near the Star Tours attraction but this event does draw extra people. You may prefer to visit on Disneys Hollywood Studios a weekday if you are not participating in this event.

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