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The security forces have a headquarters room where TV monitors display-live the exit points at Disney as well as other locations. America s Most Wanted has a fairly large file on children who have been kidnapped at Disney Amusement Parks. One mother, who got separated from her child when getting off a train, frantically told a guard her child was missing.

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We think that- I wanted to know if i was related to Kevin Manthei. He makes music for cartoons and video games. We share a last name, and there aren't many Manthei's in the US, so I was already kind of thinking I might be, but I want proof. Does anyone know if any sites where I can find this out?? THANKS!!

Dive into fun at Disneys Blizzard Beach Water Park and Disneys Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. From the snowy slopes of Mt. Gushmore to the storm-struck beaches of a wind-swept paradise, Disney Water Parks offer guests oceans of fun.

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The answer- I'm just curious about what you think, and I would like you to answers these questions:1. Which do you think is better: Nickelodeon or Disney?2. Do you think Disney shows are funny?3. If you watch Disney and you had to pick a favorite Disney show, what would it be?4. Do you think Disney has positive messages? If so, what are they?5. Do you think Disney shows are of good quality?6. I think Disney characters are extremely disrespectful to adults (if there are any around) and their "friends". If my parents talked like that, they would have been slapped unconscious. Do you agree?7. If you do have young kids, had young kids, or would have young kids, would you let them watch Disney?8. Overall, what are your thoughts on today's Disney Channel?I know these are a lot of questions, but if you took your time to answer these, I would appreciate it.

Many people ask : Please advise me planning trip to disneyland( family of 6 from uk)?
The answer is: Hi, we are planning on visiting disneyland florida, there are a few things id like help on if anyone could help i would be very grateful.1. Do any of the themed hotels accommodate large family's most ive seen are standard 2 adults 2 children (we have 4 kids and obviously don't want to be split up)2. Is there a ticket that gets you in ALL attractions and parks and are there consessions for disabled.3.If we decided on a villa in kissimmee what is the distance from there to the parks.many thanks again x

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We think that: Who here are big fans of the metal band Nightwish?They're absolutely awesome! They bring metal to opera status! :)My all time favorite song is "Wish I Had An Angel!" :DMy favorite album is Once! :)What's your favorite song, and album?Anybody knew the main guy of Nightwish, Tuomas Holopainen, is a classic Disney movie fan?! :)That's what I think is so cool about him!Fun question: Ever wonder which Disney movies are his favorite?I probably guess Pirates of the Caribbean movies, because if you look on the Nightwish site, in his member bio, he says Jack Sparrow makes him laugh! :DI ever wonder if he loved Sleeping Beauty and The Hunchback of Notre Damn!

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