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In terms of Disneyland, we got a three day Park Hopper pass which would have been less expensive had we gotten them through AAA. If you plan ahead, thats the best deal or the deal through U-Hall or many other benefits offices. FastPass works great, but you may end up getting a FastPass for five hours later for some of the big rides Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad which may or may not work with little kids. We were there on some VERY busy days, and lines were interminable in most attractions. If you arrive EARLY At opening you will get more rides in the first hour and a half than you will for the next six hours. My toddler was afraid of any dark rides but liked most of the outside rides Dumbo, the teacups and Its a small world, My five year old liked most of the rides she was able to go on, but we didnt try any of the really wild rides with her. My nine year old loved the big rides, but was a little crabby on the little kid rides. We got a guidebook called the Unofficial Guide to Disneyland, which was mildly useful. In general, what it says is, arrive early and go on the big rides first. If you want to borrow this, let me know.

Many people ask - Edit my essay please?? ( i don't care what you say as long as it relates to the essay)?
Here is the answer: Dive for Destination ImaginationZALLKMS performed a music video using a literature. Our literature was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Walt Disney. My team included -------------. Using our names, it created ZALLKMS, our team name. Our overall performance wasn't perfect or horrible, but in between. It was intriguing to watch, as some of the audience would say. It was intriguing to watch because our music video ran smoothly, the choreography and the music were timed very well, we stayed on beat with the music, we used the whole stage, and our grand entrance worked as planned. Unfortunately, we needed to speak louder, perform bolder moves in the choreography, slowing down and not rushing our lines, and facing the audience.My main role in the group was basically supplying the props for the music video. I brought the poisonous apple, brought fabric markers to decorate the dwarf's shirts, created a poster that we didn't use in our performance, and I designed two out of the seven costumes. I also contributed by attending all meetings except for two, I helped a little with the choreography, and I helped a little with the lyrics, and wrote the main points of the story that Sara changed into a song. I think I was the 2nd person that contributed the most. I would’ve done a few things differently such as helping with the lyrics and the choreography a lot more. I think the person that contributed the most was ---- because she contributed by making most of the wishing well, writing most the song, typing the song and script, making the grand entrance poster, making the box that was used for Snow White’s heart, created most of the choreography, helped with the costumes, brought a CD player, and a place to practice. She came to all the meetings. ----- came second. She contributed by making the mirror, supplied the shirts for the dwarfs’ costumes, making the well, a place to practice, a little bit of the choreography and the lyrics. She came to all the meetings. --- came third. She contributed by bringing a pillow, a place to practice, a little bit of the choreography, and the lyrics. ----- came in fourth. ----- contributed by making a CD of an instrumental of the song Bop to the Top in High School Musical, she helped a little with the lyrics and choreography, she helped with part of the well, and she also helped the team stay on task by writing a list of things to finish before the performance. I think the person who contributed the least was --- and----. ----- didn't come to the lunch meetings because she wanted to be with her friends and she didn't really do anything for the music video. She helped a little with the choreography, the lyrics, and the costumes and that’s basically it. On the other hand, ----- contributed by bringing rags, a little of the lyrics, and a little on the well. She didn't attend the meeting where we made the choreography and practiced with the lyrics and the music because she wanted to be with her friends.I felt very excited to perform in front of an audience, but I was also nervous. Performing in front of an audience felt like I was in a Broadway play in front of the whole entire world. I felt like I did something wrong, I would be bringing my team and my grade down. There was a lot of pressure performing this video. In the performance, I would’ve changed how I said my lines by speaking louder, doing bolding moves in the choreography, and facing the audience.In Destination Imagination, I enjoyed working with other people that I didn't know before and learning new songs and dances in a certain amount of time. I didn't like the idea of performing in front of 300 kids and in front of judges. If I could change anything about the process of DI, I would change it by having more time to prepare, so our performance could be improved. I learned many things through this process. I learned how to work with other people that I didn't know anything about them, and how to come up with lyrics and choreography using a literature. For next year, I would change how we didn't start the first day of DI and spread the jobs out evenly- so one person doesn't have to do all the work.REQUIREMENTS:Paragraph 1:What was you overall impression of the DI challenge itself? (Explain the pros and cons of this particular challenge (music Video)Paragraph 2:What was you role in your group? How much work do you feel you did? How much effort did you contribute? What would you have done differently? How much work did other do?Paragraph 3:How did you feel about actually performing for an audience? What was the experience like? What changes, looking back, would you have made to your performance?Paragraph 4:What are the aspects that you enjoyed and what are the aspects you did not like of the DI process? What if anything, would you change about the process of DI? What, if anything, lessons did you learn through this process. What do you anticipate will change next year when you comp

Travelling on the 22 Freeway - Exit the 22 Freeway on Harbor Boulevard. Theme Parks visitors need to head on Harbor Boulevard about 2.5 miles. Drive across Orangewood Avenue. Disney parking will be on your right. When heading to resort hotels and Downtown Disney, you also need to continue on Harbor Boulevard for nearly 4 miles. Then turn west onto Katella Avenue. Proceed on the avenue for 0.5 miles and take the first right to Disneyland Drive. Then signs will guide you to the nearest parking area and three resort hotels as well.

This Mickey Mouse Baker Waffle Maker makes other types of breakfast items along with the waffles. It will make Disney shaped pancakes, mini-muffins, quick breads and even eggs. The six different shapes include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto. It comes with a little scoop ensuring pouring the perfect amount of batter in each well each time. The finished waffles, pancakes or muffins are bite-sized and just right for your little ones at home. Each character comes out perfectly with the character s face clearly detailed.

Frequently asked questions : Have any of you auditioned to be a parade performer at Disneyland before? Any advice?
The answer- I'm auditioning Mid September and would love any advice! I've checked out the Disney audition website, so I know the basics, but if you have any tips I'd love to hear them! Thanks in advance! :)

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