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Disneyland first opened its doors on July 17, 1955. Since then it has continued to grow, and millions have come to discover the happiest place on Earth and all it has to offer. The graphic below will take you through the events of Disneyland s grand opening all the way up to events as recent as the reopening of Star Tours in 2011.

Disneyland Resort Paris has been making dreams come true since 1992, during 2008 the resort welcomed 15.3 million guests, making it one of Europes leading tourist destinations. Disneyland Resort Paris offers the chance for the whole family to enjoy a magical experience of a life time, in one location without having to holiday to the other side of the world. The resort has so much to offer everyone and can be explored at length with new adventures around every corner.

The following are live-action films produced by other studios, that contain animation scenes or sequences produced by Walt Disney.

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The Disney Premier Passport is the one card that gets you admission to the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks! Price does not include applicable taxes. Subject to capacity.

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