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Dec 2nd, 2010 at 9:00AM : Disneyland candy canes are a sought after item during the holidays. In fact, they are in such short supply that Disney has devised a ticketing system for buying them. Thats right, you need a ticket to buy a candy cane. For 9.95 each, no less. The sweets are made at Candy Palace on Main Street at the California theme park. To get one, youll need one of those magic tickets. They

Add in the unusual amount of extra hardware we can see on this strange lift hill at the Vekoma test site, and we may be seeing the prototype track for that particular element of Disney s new Grizzly coaster.

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We think that: ... and tell me if you notice any mistakes? (cartoon analysis)The Cartoon “School supplies list”, drawn by Steve Greenberg in 2007 critisizes the insecurity of schools and the condoning of risks.the cartoon is sketchy, monochron and the style of drawing is quite simple and bare.In the picture one can see a notepad with a shopping list for school supply. Different items that are used at school often are listed below, for example pencils, notebooks and textbooks. At the bottom of the list the word “bulletproof west” is standing.So this is how the cartoon works. At first one reads those normal, ordinary words like “laptop” or “calculator” and doesn’t expect anything special. But then the punch-line, the words “bulletproof vest” disproves the first impression of the cartoon. The cartoon combines something usual like a shopping list with a very serious and vexed issue like school-shootings and teenage-violence. That’s what makes it’s unexpected punchline shocking and effective and confers a sarcastic and evocative note to it.The cartoonist wants to point out the ordinariness and indifference a subject like teenage-violence ist treat today by using the shopping list for school supply as a symbol for something meaningless and unimportant. the words “bulletproof vest” are standing at the bottom to emphasize and exaggerate this message, the one who wrote the list doesn’t think of the most important part at first but as a last point.I agree with this message. Topics like teen-crime- and violence have become part of our everyday-life. Does it still shock me when I hear in the news about a sixteen year old boy who drowns a little girl because he is not pleased with his current situation? I am scared to admit it, but it does not. It just makes me shake my head. I also appreciate the simple idea, in this case one can say: less is more.

Many people are interested : HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEE;Can anyone teach me all the basic in Auto Desk Maya? How to make a Cartoon Character? Making it realistic ang making an animation with backgrounds and music... PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!

10 delicate hanging charms boast an array of the original animated Disney characters created by Disney artists: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Tinker Bell, Winnie the Pooh, Sleeping Beauty, Goofy, Donald Duck, Snow White and Pluto

Popular questions - How do I make my sketches into a real cartoon??????
We think that- (i'm not very good at explaining things so its gonna be a little hard to understand)I made a sketch of a cartoon character (my own) and i want to make it into a proper cartoon picture (e.g. Hello Kitty, Emily the strange, skelanimals ect.) i want to animate it but not make it move? I am willing to draw it all over again on the computer if thats what you have to do. please help meeeeeee???!

Questions for new users - Favorite Disney moments?
Here is the answer- What are some of your favorite disney movie moments?Mine:1. Little mermaid- when ariel comes out of then sea as a human in a beautiful dress2. Enchanted- when robert and giselle dance at the ball3. Ratatouille- when remy uses linguini as a puppet

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