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Disneyland has announced that it will renovate the Its a Small World Ride and many are speculating its because of growing waistlines in America.

Disney Cruise Line requires at least two years experience in the job for which you are applying, although that experience doesnt necessarily need to be on a cruise ship.

Frequently asked questions - AM I CRAZY or do they really EXIST?
Here is the answer: ok, this is gonna sound weird, but when i was 11 years old, i was walking to my friends house and i looked up in the tree, and i saw a white demon, that looked like a cartoon and it had a chainsaw, it was just chillen on a huge branch, and it looked at me, and it had an evil grin on its face, then it used the chain saw and cut down the branch, and underneath the branch was my friends parents car, and i know how crazy this sounds, but it was not a dream, and it was not my imagination, because literely right after i saw that the same branch fell and smashed the car, the car was totaled, it was the weirdist **** that i have ever seen, and to this day have not been able to explain it, and what really makes it crazy was that, i was not alone, my friend was with me, and she saw it to, please give me your opinion, if you don't think its real, i really don't care, because i know that it was, and if you think it was not real, i couldn't blame you because i don't believe in **** like spirits or ghosts but, this really happend and i would just like some answers, iv'e only told two people about this since it happend and they both thought i was just messing with them, but i'm not, and its not a joke, i know what i saw, so if you have any idea what this could have been please let me know

We filmed close to a few different Disney shows, so thats where I randomly met the Jonas family for the first time a few years ago. Plus Jaden Smith, who is still one of the coolest dudes ever.

Popular questions : POLL-easy points :-)?
The answer is: 1. What is your least favorite sport?2. Who is the sexiest celebrity that is the same gender as you(come on)?3. Do you think you inherited your good looks from your parents? And if you think you have bad looks, do you blame your parents?4. What is/was your best subject in HS?5. What is your favorite Disney movie?6. What's your favorite thing to do on a Saturday evening?7. Do you tend to do things ahead or just before things are due?8. Say something!

Many people ask : Has anyone else noticed that many American Dad episodes have good life lessons & underlying themes/messages?
Here is the answer: I have noticed this with some of the episodes from recent seasons. Some examples.......The one where Stan gets addicted to crack....they showed throughout the episode that its okay to ask for help sometimes and it doesnt necessarily make you weaker...can actually make u stronger.The one where Steve gets stuck in the Gorilla cage...they showed that parents must have a good balance of being nice/strict to their children. So, they cant just want to be their friend & pass on disciplining them & they cant always be just disciplining them....which makes it uncomfortable for the child to open up to their mother/father. Since, children look to their parents for setting rules and guidelines for them...not just being their friend like Stan was with Steve.The one where Roger is Stan's hero and he tries to return his Olympic Gold Medal. They showed that just because you look up to someone and see them as their hero....doesnt mean they dont make the same mistakes as everyone else. So, you shouldnt just blindly follow people...but instead focus on the positive impact they have had on your life.The one where Stan and Francine try to change to keep up with their new young friends. That shows you should just be yourself and not change who you are just to impress someone else.Also, the one where Stan makes a mess in the pool....that showed how you cant worry too much about what other people think since its impossible to please everyone.There are probably more....but I think the point has been does anyone else agree or has noticed this while watching American Dad? Its probably my favorite cartoon now....I love it!! and Roger is awesome, haha. Thank you

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