City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Disboards disneyland, Walt disney beauty and the beast story.

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By all stretches of the imagination, Disney has done a fantastic job on this films transfer. A Christmas Carol is presented in 2.40:1 1080p and looks absolutely amazing. I have to be honest, if there is a flaw in this picture I cannot spot it. The colors are enormously bright and vibrant and the black levels look fantastic. The detail here is so good that you can practically see Scrooges liver spots jumping off his hands. It doesnt matter if you loved the movie or hated it, the fact is theres no arguing that this is a great looking transfer.

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Here is the answer: i'm 14 but when i turn 17 in 2-3 years time i'm willing to get a job as a face character in Disney world (you know characters who give autographs to people and etc) also i want to go to college in the same time.i wanted to audition for any of the fairies or wendy but i didn't realize they had a strict height policybecause i'm 5'1 now, i'm worried if i get talker in the next 3 yearssince i live in england i can speak fluent british accent (even american)i was thinking of wendy or alice but im such bad luck in heightso can you please tell me what is the suitable character for me (don't mind if it was a princess)and do they check i if you have neat handwriting (i'm not quiet good at fancy text, but i have neat normal handwriting) for giving autographs.and can you tell me how to contact them in this age- for them to give me all the support and be prepared and confident.Thank you.

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