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Frequently asked questions - Disney Movies?
The answer- What are Ya'll's favorite Disney Movies????? I Personaly love the ones with animals!

Questions for new users - What is your favorite disney character (name 3) ?
Here is the answer: GoofyDonald DuckPluto

Frequently asked questions : HELP!!!My kid hates me.....:(?
The answer is- Okay...I have a 16 yr old daughter who I have always had a very good,loving relationship with until she started her period about a year and a half ago.She started dating a boy{against my wishes,all the funner for her}He took all kinds of pills,smoked pot,was a loser.So she finally wises up,dumps, him but rebounds on an even bigger piece of crap.So I ground her for bad grades.Really ground her.I let her go to a couple football games and a dance or two{OK..I could've done better at grounding her }But I never let her go anywhere I thought wouldn't be in public with her boyfriend and tried to make sure he could never get her alone to impregnate her until she was 18.She acted sweet and normal...I never saw it coming.She would write me notes that said "Mommy I love you!..etc.She had written her Dad off completely for three yrs,wouldn't see or speak to him much.She gave me what sounded like legitimate,compelling reasons,so I supported her decision.Then one day her employer called looking for her two hrs after she was supposed to be at work.I had a heart attack{almost}As soon as I realized she was probably still alive and up to no good I went to the boyfriend's house,had to call the police for them to admit she was there and almost went to jail because his 19 yr old sister thought if she went psycho on me I'd leave.WRONG!So a few weeks later I go into her room at 3:30 a.m. and find LOSER in her bed.Almost went to jail again.....seriously.Called police and his probation officer...he got a warning.Quiant.While the cops were questioning my daughter she told them she snuck out of the house to meet him, got cold and made him come in,so I start investigating,screen over window is wruined she went in & out so many times and I could never figure out why she came home from school and slept all day for the last year.So with all her lying I decide to see what else she is lying about and give her a 5 panel drug test and a pregnancy test.Not pregnant,but now a potsmoker and huge liar like the boyfriend.By this time I am f-ing livid and I called her every name I never should have,made her pack her **** and drove her to her dads and threw her bags in the driveway and took off.The dad she had minimal contact with for three her choice,not his.So I scream at her dump her off and suddenly he is Disneyland dad and the greatest thing and she barely speaks to me.She doesn't call me,if I call her she just responds yes or no to my statements or questions,never says I love you, and now I am the parent she has cut out of her life.She wants nothing to do with me.And dad has no rules for her anymore,she is going hogwild with all the freedom.Gets to spend all day at b-friends etc...shitty grades and all.Oh yeah,the clincher.When she quit going to his house three years ago,after a year,I asked for more child support.It was supposed to go from 220 a month to 600.So he filed for joint custody.I asked for sole custody.Well now she lives there and we go to court Thursday.I'm nervous about it cause I called her some crappy things, but what should I say in court about her?I think she is a shallow,crappy person.I guess my question is what would you do?Did I handle it wrong?And what about her behavior and choices?I had already taken away every privilege she had due to her bad choices?Am I an asshole?Is she?And how will I look or act in court?PLEASE HELP ME...I feel horrible and really don't know how to present it in court...

Purchase your Disneyland Tickets in advance! This 5-day, 1-Park per day ticket entitles guest admittance for each day to visit either Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park on each day of use. Please note: This ticket is NOT valid for visits to both theme parks on the same day.

Many people are interested : How do u make pharrell cartoons at pharrellwilliams?
The answer: how make them where to go

Many people are interested : Who do you think should play DIsney Princess in real live action movie?
Here is the answer: I was thinking and these are the actors and actresses i think should portray the different disney characters if they were to make Disney Movies live action.CINDERELLA: Amanda Seyfried PRINCE CHARMING: James MarsdenSLEEPING BEAUTY: Dianna Agron(glee) PRINCE PHILLIP: Ben Barnes(Narnia 2&3)ARIEL:Isla Fisher PRINCE ERIC: Chris PIneBELLE: Emma Watson THE BEAST: Penn BadgleyJASMINE: Sarah Hyland(Modern Family) ALADDIN: Taylor LautnerSNOW WHITE: Alexis Bledel THE PRINCE: Jake GyllenhaalTell me what you guys think! Which is your favorite? Which is your least favorite? WHo do you guys think would be best?My Favorite:Sleeping Beauty and Prince PhillipLeast Favorite: Hmm realy don't have one! I'm going to have to go with...Belle and The BeastThanks! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Frequently asked questions : What disney or princess or cartoon character should i draw?
The answer: i need one with the most famous shoes xD hahah long story is my theme for art project so i wanted to do something like alice in wonderland or dorothy ...plz pick ur favorite character to do

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Walt Disney - Chicken Little - 1943

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