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I have noticed that a couple of posters felt that their kids were too young, small or overwhelmed by Disneyland. It is funny how different kids react. My son loved it. His cousin went a few months at around the same age, and didnt have as much fun. Some of it I think you can tell before you go my neice gets nightmares more easily so the rides will be scarier to her. My son was tall enough to ride every ride in the Disneyland park except Indiana Jones and Autotopia. He LOVED it all. We felt he was just the right age to really experience the park. Since we got there late his first experience of the park was the parade with all of the princesses and characters. He just stood with his mouth gaping in awe. We rode the train and Dumbo and Peter Pan that all very fun and non- threatening. He had seen all the movies that went with the scarier rides like Pinocchio and Snow White and while we were on them we just whispered reminders of all the happy, fairytale ending parts of the story to help him place the images. He wasnt frieghtened at all.

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