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Moving swiftly along the Disney Classics timeline, the next movie to be released was Dumbo, in 1941. By now you are probably ready to stop reading, thinking that this is ridiculous. What could a movie about a cute little elephant learning how to fly have anything to do with drugs? Well before you go, let me remind you of one particular little scene. Half-way through the movie, poor little Dumbo gets depressed and discouraged, thinking that perhaps he will never be able to fly. Now think about what happens to us when we have a rough day, what do we do? A lot of us would head to the bar and have a drink. This is pretty much the same advice that Timothy Mouse gives to down-in-the-dumps Dumbo! Well, aint nothin a little water wont cure, he says happily Dumbo, 1941. The only problem with this so-called water is that it is actually a tub full of champagne! Dumbo goes ahead and takes a trunkfull, upon which his face turns red, and, like a true drunk, starts hiccupping. After Timothy Mouse dives into the champagne, he too emerges as a drunk, laughing and hiccupping and falling all over himself.

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The answer- It has been of interest to me and I have wondered what do they make in a year doing voices? Cartoon voices in particular.

Synopsis: Ichabod and Mr. Toad is a two-part Walt Disney cartoon feature based on a pair of well known stories. The first half of the film is an adaptation More

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The answer- i'm getting ready to watch the lion king. ^_^

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