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Lenox Mickey Sees True Love. Mickey and Minnie have a date in the playground for an idyllic seesaw ride. This scene is captured in an original sculpture of Lenox fine china. Mickey Sees True Love portrays this iconic Disney couple in perfect balance. Each character is sculpted with such life that you can almost hear the couples laughter. Mickey is dressed in his signature red shorts, white gloves and high-top shoes. Minnie wears a polka-dot dress, hair bow, and high heels.

Frequently asked questions : POLL..!! New cartoons vs old cartoons//old shows vs new??(=?
Here is the answer: The old shows:// the flenstones, scooby-doo, tom and jerry, powerpuff girls, jonny bravo, cow and chicken, courage the cowwardy dog, blues clues, elmo, the old micky mouse shows, the old mario brother cartoon Lion king, Peter Pan, Bambi, snow White ect.New cartoons:// New scooby-doo, sponge bob, hannah montana, fish hooks, oldly fairy old parents or whatever its called.....ect..Personaly i like the old scooby-doos WAAAAYYYYYYY better than the new ones. It kina makes me mad to see velma and shaggy argueing over shaggy being with scooby more than her. Like there changeing everything about scooby-doo, there personalitys, way they dress, how they act. In one movie even the color of freds hair.. Disney channel has also changed alot.. I remember watching boy mets world thats so raven ( im even wating it right now) even steavens, lizzy maguire.... the cute little halloween town moviees. But now its hanna montana some fish show and whatever else they play. I miss the suite life of zac and cody too.!! And they made barbie out to look like a tottal slut./!My little brother is watching some show like wow wow wubsy i fell bad for him i had the wiggles, blues clues, ect. My little sister is looking up to miley, when party in the us came out and i cant be taimed i was like omg u cant be serious!!!! this girl is still on disney channel, she has a million little ggirls lookin up to her, caint she just wait till shes done rewining disneys name to strut in boody shoorts and act like a slut???? My brother is watching bey blades....wheres bugs bunny../?I was born in 1997 and the things have changed so much and i whonder if anyone else feels the same way i do. Havint you notised they keep remakeing the old cartoons? i think its cus there carttons fade out and they cant think of anything as good as walt disney himself could.! Not saying that alll the cartoons are bad there are some good ones out there ( Tangled , shreak,) you know. Im just saying id pick the old ones over the new any day....! So what do you think, old cartoons and tv shows.... or new../? Thanks nd sorry to offend anyones with diffrent opniions..(=

People often ask : Would you recommend me to buy a used camera Canon?
Here is the answer: I want a very good camera Canon but they are expensive. So I'm thinking of buying a used one. In my trip to Disneyland, everyone had a fancy camera except me. I had kodak easyshare mx1063. And to add to my misery, this guy told me if I can take a picture for him and his family and I said ok. And there was no shutter button. So he told me just click on camera icon. The picture was so perfect! As if I was looking at them! He took his camera from my hands and said thanks! :( Wait! Can I use your camera? But he already left. Do you want to hear another sad story?

Neal Gablers Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination is amazing in detail and facts. Disneys genius still lives around every corner in todays world. Read more

Many people ask - What's your favorite animated Disney movie and WHY?
We think that- i acctually like all of them cause they all have great sing along songs in them and they kinda bring everyone into the movie. plus every one knows them

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