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People often ask : Pinocchio black & white?
Here is the answer: Ok I need help, in 1997 I think. I bought I copy of Walt Disney's Masterpiece Pinocchio when I got it home and tried to watch it. But to my surprise the whole thing was in Black & White.I want to know who I would contact. I think this movie has to be worth something because it was a mistake copy. Then again it might not be. But would like to find out.Thanks

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The answer is- I have bought the Simcity Societies from Wal-mart. My laptop is a way better than their minimum requirements. First of all, I would like to say that anyone who likes Simcity 4, this game is NOT for you. I am the Simcity seiries fan, so that's why I am so disappointed with this low quality game, bad graphic, nothing more than like a cartoon animation for kids. Secondly, the game crashes so many times within only one hour. If you don't believe me, google it (or yahoo it), you will see so many people have the same problems. EA was my favorite game making ever but not anymore. I couldn't believe they could release this game. It's like a project in my designing class,unfinshed project. I feel like someone just stole 50 bucks from is really bad. Thought like give it to a begger.

Seeing White: Children of Color and the Disney Fairy Tale Princess. The Journal of Negro Education Vol. 74, No. 3 Summer, 2005, pp. 221-232

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Here is the answer- There's this guy (let's just call him bob lol) .....well i already talked about him on yahoo, but now it's a little different this time. His birthday is in January (i know it's a little early to think about this) but what should i get him for his birthday? I was thinking of a bag of tortillas because one time (he and my brother are good good friends) my brother and family took him on a two day trip to disneyland, (california) and we got him a free bag of tortillas from the factory because we pretended it was his birthday haha. So that day we all ate some of his tortillas and he put the rest of the bag in his pocket. Later that night, we were standing in line to ride the pirates of the Caribbean, and while he was turned around and talking to my brother, i stole them out of his pocket. then we went on the ride and he saw me eating one and he went crazy :P and was teasing me the rest of the night and still teases me to this day (he and i are getting closer....i like him and he smiles whenever someone brings it up....hes 17 and im almost 14....but he has a gf lol) anyway, i was thinking of tortillas or maybe a hacky sack because he loves them so you think that would be appropriate? Thank you :)

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We think that: I love to draw, I want to become an comic book artist/ animator, the only problem is that I'm not that good. Over the years I have always drawn in and anime-ish style, now I'm starting to realize that years of just drawing like that without knowing the basics, have severely crippled my ability to draw. At first I start to move away from drawing anime and moved towards a more american comic/cartoon style, but even this was nearly impossible to do as still did not understand the basics, so now I am trying to completely relearn how to draw. one of the things I've been doing recently is gesture drawings based on poses from images off the internet, the website Posemaniacs, or from art books. Speaking of art books, I have tons, and I've trying to study them more closely, I have to name a few Anatomy for Fantasy Artist, How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way, Idiot's Guide to Drawing Manga, and the list goes on. My problem is that I'm still not happy where I'm at, I know that doing gesture drawings and drawing from life can improve my skills in drawing more stylized stuff, but there's still a lot I don't understand and I am worried that I am drawing wrong, my drawings always end up sloppy and I have trouble fitting more then one drawing on a page. I also are they not detailed enough, am I not accurate to the shape of the body, do I need to add in accurate/semi-accurate muscles or should I just do quick construction to practice placement. Nothing would make me happier to be able to draw and be satisfied with my work, I'd love to take a life drawing class, but the college I'm going to doesn't have any open. I guess all I need to do is practice more and I will get better, but I has been years and I'm just worried that I will never get where I want, so if someone could just point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

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