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Disney works with government officials and local bankers to line up special deals so they can succeed in their plans. After everything is lined up, the corporation announces their plans and goes forward. This methodology has been used repeatedly, for instance the American History Theme Park in the Manassas Civil War battlefield area of Virginia for which Disney has acquired 1, 800 acres and has access to at least 1, 200 more.

On 19th November 2009, me, my mom and dad and brother went to Disneyland Paris. And we went in our car, then on an underwater train Euro Tunnel and back in our car again. It took 30 minutes to get to France! We stayed in the Hotel Cheyenne. It was done up like a cowboy town and we stayed in Jessie James. We went there on Thursday!

Many people are interested - Weekend trip in California, where to go?
The answer: my wife is off work this saturday and wanted to take a family trip, we were thinking san francisco but now im thinking maybe san diego zoo or animal park. We live in central Ca (bakersfield) and don't care if it a long drive i just want somewhere to take the family to have fun, any fun places you guys know of besides theme parks (went to disneyland and ca adventures last month). We have a 3 year old little girl so somewhere she can have fun and enjoy. Im open to all opinions and suggestions. THANKS IN ADVANCE

Many people are interested - What is your favorite 'old school' Disney movie?
We think that: Old school...meaning before 2000. lol. Not really "old school" but oh well.Mines are Goofy Movie [The first one] and The lion king :DI always find myself singing the songs from those movies. lol!

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Here is the answer- I asked a girl out for a second date- but it appears that she doesn't want to go out with me any more. We went on our first outing last week to Disneyland. She recently moved from Italy. Why didn't she respond to my most previous message- the message was sent over 12 hours ago (and I saw her online on Facebook)?FACEBOOK MESSAGES:ME: hey [girl's name]! would you like to go out and get something to eat on sunday?HER: hi will! thank you, but this sunday I`m busy..I have the ticket to see an opera concert in downtown and after the concert I`ll go shopping..ME: opera? sounds interesting. how are your classes? work?HER: yes, i hope the concert will be not too boring! otherwise i`ll leave at the regard my classes, i haven`t started yet , they will start next always the same...not exciting, but it`s ok!you texted me some days ago..i read the message the day after because my phone was switched did you feel an earthquake?? i haven`t felt anything and i was awake! maybe it was only in your area,...ME: yes, i checked later that night and found out that the earthquake was centered near san diego. anyway, if you leave the concert early and want to get something to eat, maybe watch a movie, or go somewhere you want to visit -- just call or text me... i'm not working on sunday! :-)ME (three hours later): and yes, i felt the earthquake... that's why i texted you- i wasn't sure if it was just my imaginiation, lol!

Frequently asked questions : Am I the only one who despises iCarly?
The answer: I really dislike this show for many logical reasons. The laugh track is played numerous of times. Over things that aren't funny whatsoever. The characters are ****** weird especially Gibby. He's such a wankster. And Carly is such a whiny ungrateful child. Sam is an unintelligible, neglected, compulsive *****. Spencer is an unemployed, talentless, irresponsible man-child. The only people i like is Freddy and Nevel. I like Freddy because he's logical and not afraid to be himself he used to be so wimpy. I like Nevel for the simple fact that he will go to any length to stop the show. Even though he fails. He gets an a for effort. The acting is horrible. I hate how they try to be SO COOL. By saying unfunny things. Ex- Random Dancing, Chizz?, Loud talking, etc. I also dislike how they have awkward moments and they have that quiet but annoying cha ching ching music. The only episode I like is the one where they go to Dingo studios, because it is absolutely stupid. Its a total contradiction. They get mad becUse Dingo copies off of iCarly yet they copied off of Disney with the Walt Disney death conspiracy.What are your opinions on this show?

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