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Questions for new users - What's your favourite Disney movie?
The answer is- 1. Beauty and the Beast2. Little mermaid3. Hercules4. Pocahontas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone from All About the Mouse! This week were featuring Epcots Christmas Storytellers from Germany and Norway. The Storytellers are just part of what makes the Holidays so special in Walt Disney World. They tell how they celebrate Christmas in their own native land and share with us some of the traditions that they participate in, many of which have been adopted into American culture. After that there are lots of Disney Christmas goodies for you to listen to while youre enjoying your Holiday. This makes great music to just throw on while youre opening presents or cooking Christmas dinner. Either way, hopefully it will bring a touch of Disney magic to your Holiday this year. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Popular questions - Can anyone help me sum this up to 500 words (or less) please help me ?
The answer: PLANNING TO MAKE DISNEY!Walt Disney planed to make Walt Disney World (WDW) before the 1964 Fair.Walt decided to find a location in Florida. Land was cheap, the weather was always warm, and more and more people were moving to and vacationing in Florida. However, Walt decided that he didn't want to locate his park along the coast for two reasons: He didn't want to have to deal with hurricanes, and he didn't want people coming to his park in bathing suits.Walt started secretly buying land in FL in conclusion to the fair.The box office success of Mary Poppins provided support to the company coffers right when the land purchases and attraction development began. In fact, a separate company that Walt founded, called Mapo (since the movie's success financed the moonlighting outfit), was the focus of the Florida project for several years. Mapo was eventually merged into the Imagineering department several years later.His team-which included his brother Roy, General Joe Potter (whom Walt met during the construction of the New York World's Fair), and several other members of the inner circle of Walt Disney Productions-started looking at available parcels of land in Central Florida. “Project X” was underway.After considering three possible sites in Florida, a location on the border of Orange and Osceola counties was chosen in 1964. Dummy corporations were set up and Disney agents, led by Robert Foster, secretary and general counsel for Disneyland, began buying land under phony names. Walt had the team work as quickly as possible, for he knew that as soon as word got out about a massive Disney land acquisition, property costs would go up tremendously.At one meeting, there was a large parcel of land in Orlando available for about $100 per acre. Walt said, “Buy it!” Roy asked, “But Walt, we already own 12,000 acres. Do we have the money?” Walt replied, “Roy, how would you like to own 7,000 acres around Disneyland right now?” to which Roy immediately responded, “Buy it!Foster worked as surreptitiously as possible, flying through other cities so that his travel could not be traced directly back to California. He even made highly visible visits to the World's Fair construction site, only to quietly disappear to Florida the next day.The three earliest acquisitions would be 12,400 acres owned by a group of Orlando home builders, 1,250 acres owned by an Orlando investment group, and 8,500 acres owned by Florida state senator Irlo Bronson.The first major problem was acquiring the mineral rights for the 12,400-acre property, which Tufts University still owned after the surface rights were purchased by the Orlando home builders. Mineral rights were important since without it, Disney could not dig underground without permission, and Tufts could tear down any structure to get to the minerals.After the major properties were locked in, they began concentrating on all of the small outparcels. The acquisitions were tracked on a large map back at WED headquarters in Burbank, which Walt would check daily. By the time they were done, Disney owned over 27,000 acres, which came out to about 43 square miles-about twice the size of Manhattan, the same size as San Francisco, and about 150 times larger than Disneyland.please help id be very greatfull thank you!! (oh yea if u have any sujestions on punctuation or something like tht or if somethingz a fragment plz help!)

My son, who is ten months will be Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse want to be me, but I can not very well not Minnie Mouse Costumes. And the Disney store is 80. Too expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions. After looking around, I learned I saw one on ebay, the current offer of 20 with 8 hours left. You could also try making one. Just use an old red dress, or get one at a thrift store and attach some white felt circles. Take an old pair of high heels and yellow spray paint. The ears are fairly easy to find, or even could do with a band, a black felt and a bow. Certainly this is a very nice motherson costume idea. Good luck.

Questions for new users : Which rides with Fast Pass at Walt Disney Park work the best? Also Baby swap?
The answer: From Disneyland experience, I know that Fast Pass on some rides is much faster than on others. Just wondering which rides it gives you a really short wait time? I am traveling during Christmas so it is going to be very busy and I will be using as many fast passes as possible! From personal experience please let me know how long your wait was with Fast Pass for each ride that offers it?Also Baby Swap? If you have used it can you give me more details? At Disneyland some rides make you go in the FastPass line while others have you go up the exit. Thanks a bunch!!

T7: Things you wish were still here 124; VanMail 124; Special Guest: Former WWE Superstar Scotty 2 Hotty talks with us about Disney, wrestling and 80s hair bands 124; Audio: Illuminations just because Disney World, Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, Ho

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