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As you can see, there are a number of lovely mini mouse costumes for adults due to the massive popularity of this legendary Disney character. If you re looking to become one of Mickey s favorite companions, take advantage of some of these wonderful outfits and make Walt Disney proud.

Disney Wonder has four dinner restaurants onboard, three of which you rotate through over the course of the cruise, keeping the same dinner companions and servers throughout. The one exception is Palo, which we had the pleasure of dining in on our first night. This adults-only, open-kitchen dining room serves excellent Northern Italian fare - - with a classy ambience - - as good as Id find back home in the Washington area, only here we also had sweeping ocean views.

Greno: We had a couple of preview screenings for the film. At the screenings they have a focus group afterwards. They asked how they liked the movie, overall it was very awesome that people were excited for it, and somebody raised their hand and said, ÁThis is like classic Disney but better!Á WeÁre like, thatÁs great, thatÁs exactly what weÁre looking for. ItÁs for todayÁs audience.

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In Disneys Hollywood Studios there s the fantastic Beauty and the Beast-Live on Stage and the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. During Fantasmic, a bevy of Princesses float by while dancing with their Prince Charmings.

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