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People often ask : What cartoons/shows are similar to....?
The answer: I really liked the show Mighty Max and LOVED Mummies Alive! I liked Sailor Moon as well. I kind of like how each main character had a set of guardians and actually had a plot to the show, and not just random episodes. They actually built up to a ending of the show. Does any one any that are similar? I don't want the crap thats showing now a days. This crap is whats making kids stupid, not like the cartoons in my childhood.

Many people ask : Calling all ECCENTRIC, DRAMATICALLY ORIGINAL, creative, OverTheTop trail blazers 2 help w/my job application?
The answer is- Pretend I'm applying for a job with the original, originator himself, Walt Disney....add a mix of a Donald Trumpish type of guy and throw in a dash of Willy Wonka.......he's very easily bored, seen it all, and leans towards being in need of something dramatic. This is who I'm trying to work for/with.I need help coming up with scenerios, ideas, concepts, etc. to get his attention and for him to know I'm serious about my need to collaborate with him. Oh sure, I've tried all the traditional methods....I've tried the front door, the back door, the chimney, humor, sarcasm, challenges, etc. Now I need help. This person has rented out Walt Disney World before so I'm very challenged. (financially as well)Please give me your wildest thoughts on how to get someones attention, in a creative, positive way. Think scavenger hunt to prove creativity, passion and drive or something else, but try to leave my desperation out of it. :-DI need that environment to feel whole........HELP!!

Many people ask - Is it legal to put copyright characters or logos onto a purse you design and sell?
The answer is: I had a business idea recently. I love disney characters and things like that on my purses, but I'm also a video game addict and can't find any purses with many of my favorite video game characters/logos. Is it legal to create a purse with logos or characters from shows/video games/anything else like that and sell them on ebay or something? I've noticed purses up on ebay that look homemade with cartoon characters on them, so is it legal or have they just not looked into it? Do I have to ask permission from the company? Or can I just do it? By the way, so sorry if this question is posted into the wrong category...I wasn't absolutely sure which to choose since this is a rather complicated question.

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Disneyland an entrepreneur earning. Walt Disney may Disneyland happen. Not the the government its men like Walt Disney. Who decide to do something and very different story. Say that Walt Disney were born in a Third World nation

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