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Many people ask : Everyone come and vote who is ur favourite disney's character?
We think that- Boys:1) Mickey Mouse2) Winnie The Pooh3) Ronald Duck4) Minnie5) Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Questions for new users - Who are some famous people with disabilities?
Here is the answer- I am writing an article geared towards high school students with disabilities, and I want to list some famous people with disabilities as examples of success stories. I already have listed Stephen Hawking (physical disability), Franklin Roosevelt (physical disability), Michael Phelps (ADHD), Andrew Lloyd Webber (speech impediment), Leo DiCaprio (OCD), Tiger Woods (used to stutter as a kid), Walt Disney (learning disability). I'd like to add a few more as well. Please list their names, what they are famous for, and their disabilities.I'm especially looking for celebrities who today's teens are likely to admire.

Yeah he is just bending over and it is just his knee. I think most of these are just coincidents that nobody noticed before. I doubt that Walt Disney deliberatley made them like this.

Many people ask - Help...the pygmalion effect & fear of parents' criticism?
The answer- I'm 18 & am facing horrible fears that my parents think I'm not good enough. They are very strict & not the type to encourage their children with positive words, & unfortunately cannot grasp that my "love language" (based on Gary Chapman's book "The Five Love Languages") is words of affirmation. The words & the tone in which a person speaks to me will affect me very greatly. Our parents point out our flaws or tell us what to do, but rarely give encouragement or positively acknowledge the little things we do to help them. Sadly I think this has instilled a thirst in my siblings & I for their approval, & it is going to got to a dangerous breaking point if we don't do something sooner. We feel like absolute junk when they tell us negative things, & that's when self-fulfilling prophecy kicks in. It happens so often, & we think "what the hell is the point of doing anything else they say??".Two years ago I almost committed suicide, & had a few cutting episodes, but refrain from trying anymore because people say it'll do more damage than repair work. I hope to get a job in the Animation Industry after pursuing Art in a good university. Thing is my parents dislike cartoons & probably don't understand why on earth their 18 year-old still turns on Cartoon Network. Basically I like watching moving hand-drawings because of how you can mirror the real world & at the same time put an exciting spin on it. I look at how people suffer in so many ways out there, & if I can, I want to make a good cartoon series that depicts these tough issues in the future.Recently I gave up on developing skills in Photoshop after a horrible experience of having my work being criticized by my mum. My Art exam in school begins in under three months & there's no clue how I can pull through..Note that I have tried talking to mum & dad time & time again about these issues, but they are so intelligently defensive! They can somehow cover up their mistakes & render us speechless! Mum denies strongly that we are afraid of her (even though it's SO obvious), & when we told them they are too naggy, they compare their style to even stricter parents out there to justify themselves. I feel too that they're not trying to work towards building a much better family, despite stressing on our education. I listen to heavy metal or rock now, & can only think about drawing things related to life or death - deep disturbing things, in a nutshell.It feels as if they're merely using their kids to achieve what they didn't, or pushing us real hard so they can tell others about how well they've brought up their kids. We feel our actions aren't appreciated by them at all. Can't they just express themselves a little more clearly??? Or is there a way I can replace my parent-pleasing attitude with something better? Sorry this a such a sob story.

Questions for new users - Baby name game! please comment if u like it!?
The answer: 1) You have a girl!FN: Pick - Winter Autumn Summer SpringMN: Pick - Kate Elise June Jasmine2) You have twin boys! They're initials must be JP and PJ.3) You have girl triplets! They all must have first names that are flower related. You chose middle names!4) After 6 kids you think you've had enough and decide to take everyone on a holiday to Disneyland in _______.5) While you're on holiday, you walk past this adorable adoption centre and you adopt two children.You choose gender. Names must be either south american or italian.6) You think with 8 children that it sure is a lot of work when you get surprisingly pregnant! one last little boy with the name...FN: Your favourite nameNM: a name from your favourite tv program7) Lastly, you get a dog! You choose everything!thank you for playing!

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