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Unquestionably one of the worlds largest displays of fireworks, Disneyland utilizes the summer-night sky as a stage for Fantasy in the Sky every evening from mid-June to early September. At the end of 1999, approximately 4, 325 pyrotechnic shows had been staged since the first rocket started the tradition in 1956.

While it is frequently mentioned as the most beautiful of the Disney theme parks, Disneyland Paris is also a financial mess. Overbuilt hotels at its launch and some poor planning over the years saddled it with a debt load it has never quite been able to shed. A few years ago, the resort was able to finance some much needed improvements to its second gate and that seemed to help. But the years since 2008, not coincidentally the start of the world recession, have not been as kind with guest numbers off and the park reportedly falling into disrepair.

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And that is where the great divide is going to lie for the time being between Trader Sams and the once-mighty Adventurers Club in Orlando. At the Adventurers Club, the cast was the cast - everyone had a name, and a wild, detailed story that they had no problem getting into with guests as they sipped their drinks. Cast Members were encouraged by Disney and fans alike to become wild, zany and wonderful. And they were; the atmosphere of The Adventurers Club was totally unique and even years after its closure, Disney enthusiasts continue to talk about it with great love and appreciation.

Frequently asked questions - Does this girl like me more than a friend? (im a girl too)?
The answer is- i liked this girl for a really long time and my friends went out yesterday and she was supposed to be there but she has I just texted her saying we miss her soo much.....we were planning to go to disneyland as a group..that's why we had a meeting..and she wasnt there but she said that she is most definitely ok with everything we I texted her saying how much we miss her and she said that she wish she could have been there and to see us also. I told her what time would be the best to call her cuz I don't want to disturb her..and she said "you can call me whenever you want..I love getting calls from Ms.(my name)...."what does she mean by that? im so confused....i like her A LOT!she doesn't mind me if I'm touching her hair back.she doesn't mind when i'm touchin her hands kinda playing around with it. she seriously is always where i am. i always notice her either staring at me or glances at me. Our eyes always meet because i observe her.

Popular questions : When is gay days at Disneyland this year (2010)?
Here is the answer- What day is it?What do you have to do to get in?Is it alright to go if your not gay, but just to support?Are there any special times?Or anything else you can think of..... i.e clothing, age limit, special feesThanks!

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