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As you can see in the projects overall guide, there are a whole series of these giant robot animals. A chicken planter stands beside a mechanical sheep baaaler, which, in turn, is neighbors with a pig plow and a mechanical horse that spreads real horse manure from its techno- derriere. Think of it as Westworld in an age of vast industrial farming-a livestock Disneyland.

Robert Sabuda brings his paper engineering wizardry, as well as his art style, to this fun romp through the ABCs. With each letter accompanied by a pop-up Disney character, readers learn their ABCs with their favorite Disney friends.

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The answer: When I was a baby, I had short thick brown hair and chubby cheeks.I always wanted all the attention.One of my favorite places to go while i was young, was Disneyland.I was always laughing and was a sweet little girl.I was obedient but i got mad alot.I was not timid, I had alot of friends at school and in my neighborhood.I always wanted to play outdoors and i had alot of energy.My mom would love to dress me up and take me to photoshoots.I wore alot of dresses.My two older brothers and I would always go to the park to play.My family and I would spend alot of time at the beach on hot days.I had a hard time figuring it out, i need it answered by tommorow ( monday) please and thank you !:)

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Popular questions : Do you have a favourite walt Disney Movie? I have so many...........?
The answer- The Love Bug 1968 is on at the moment so I'll get back to you....It's not my favourite but it gives me a pleasant feeling of innocent nostalgia.Ten points for the first starred response which also happens to be MY favourite. (Clue It's later than the fifties but earlier than the noughties!!?)

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