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Frequently asked questions - What is your favorite Disney Movie?
The answer: Mulan and pocahontas!!!

People often ask - TRUE or FALSE: MICKEY MOUSE and BUGS BUNNY were actually developed from one character, OSWALD THE LUCKY RABBIT?
Here is the answer- Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks introduced in 1927 a new characterby the name of Oswald. In spring 1928, with the series goingstrong, Disney asked Universal Studios for an increase in thebudget, but instead got demands that Walt take a 20 percent cut,and as leverage, they reminded Disney that they owned Oswald,and revealed that they had already signed most of Disney’s currentemployees to a new contract: Iwerks and Les Clark were amongthe few who remained loyal to Walt.Disney refused their demand, disassociating himself from Oswaldafter the series first season. While finishing the remaining Oswaldcartoons, Disney, Iwerks and Clark created the cartoon hero whowould become The Walt Disney Company’s lasting symbol:Mickey Mouse, the most famous of Walt Disney’s characters.Oswald was replaced by a mouse in the spring of 1928 with afew minor changes to this "unlucky" rabbit's appearance ...The rabbit was about to meet his downfall after some shorts thathad bombed without Disney's touch -- { and not to mention thosethat saw Oswald as being a copy of Mickey- although Mickeywas actually derived from Oswald }Walter Lantz took over Oswald and gained Disney's blessing in1929 and tried to distance Oswald from similiarities to Mickeyby altering his appearance and giving Oswald a whole new look.Oswald got white gloves on his hands, shoes on his feet, a shirt,a “cuter” face with larger eyes, a bigger head, and shorter ears.In 1935 an even more major makeover took place: the characterwas drawn more realistically now, and with white fur rather thanblack. This Oswald was not as "bouncy" as Mickey and his anticswere alot softer - almost a complete turnaround...then in 1938 another change took place - Oswald's fur would betwo-toned- grey and white.Walter Lantz at this time met another cartoonist who was juststarting his career but had yet to make a name for himself,Tex Avery.It was Avery that became interested in Lantz's works and tooka particular interest in a certain rabbit named Oswald.Lantz had taken Oswald as far as he could go and the characterwas dropped rather unceremoniously from view ...Tex Avery would later develop another character in 1940 thathad very striking similiarities to Oswald by the name of"Bugsy Bunny".Bugsy Bunny would get his name shortened and his appearancechanged over the years and would in turn become a major star forWarner Brothers just like Mickey Mouse did in turn for Walt DisneyPoor Oswald the lucky rabbit would be forgotten as the inspirationfor both characters and never heard from again...**True or False**

In addition, the plot aspects of Alice in Wonderland which suggests drugs were present in Lewis Carrolls original work; Disney merely adapted them for the screen.

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