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Popular questions - Disneyland costuming hostess?
Here is the answer- I'm applying for a job as a costuming hostess at Disneyland and was wondering if anyone had any information about the position beyond what's on the site. Has anyone had that job or know someone who has? Do you have to wear a uniform? what kind of work is involved? would you recommend it? etc. Any info would be great thank you!

Many people ask - Can anyone recommend a holiday company for booking Disneyland Paris?
The answer is: I want to book a 5/6 day break there. Can anyone recommend an internet travel company who save you lots of money instead of booking direct? Also, if you have been there, which moderate hotel would you and would you NOT recommend?Thank you

Daguer has worked for Disney for eight years. He broke in as a custodian and got a transfer to work on attractions about eight months ago. He works on the submarines of the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and helps with the refurbishments of the Matterhorn Bobsleds.

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We think that: I used to be interested in Game Designing but I decided to go for Cartoons and Cartoon Animation because when ever I do Game Designing it takes allot of practice and Math so does Drawing Cartoons but when ever I want to do Game Designing I can see me giving it up because its *TOO* Hard, Well back to the Subject.Is there any sites other than youtube on how I can get better at drawing my own Cartoons and Cartoon Characters? I would want to be able to make my own Cartoon story one day and I really love to draw ever since I was a kid I always drawn in Elementary School and I wanted to put my drawings into Cartoon Form and I would like to know how I can get better at Drawing because I would like to get my drawing skills up and I really like to draw.What makes me mad is everytime I try to draw my own Cartoon Character from my mind I make up, I loose focus on it by distractions and I don't even have a desk in my room to practice drawing in my bedroom because I know practice makes perfect but does anyone know any tips on how I can remember my own Cartoon Characters in my mind that I can draw? And can anyone tell me how I can draw landscapes and buildings? It would be really helpful and I am getting really interested into 2D/Cartoon Animation.Like I said, I really like to draw and I don't want to try something that I know I can't on Game Designing but I would like to try out Cartoons instead and if I like it I will go with it and maybe make my own Cartoon Series if possible, Any help would be nice.And anyone who has good information will get the best answer.And if anyone knows any site to know how to animate my Cartoons would be helpful also, Then when I learn about Animation I will work my way up with programs, I think Animation and Drawing Cartoons is really fun.I am 17 years old and I like to draw and play video games XD.

Pocahontas, For Walt Disney movie Pocahontas compares to historyincludes related article News World Report v118, n24 June 19, 1995:61 4 pages.

During the 1950s, as Americans began to spend more time at home watching television for entertainment, Disneys studio took full advantage of the small screen revolution. In 1954, the Disneyland television series premiered. The show included an introduction by Walt Disney and incorporated film clips from Disney productions with live action and coverage of Disneyland. Some four million people tuned in each week. Disney also made a national folk hero out of Davy Crockett when he devoted a three-part program to coverage of his life. Within a matter of weeks, boys could not live without coonskin caps and other Crockett merchandise, all of which earned Disney a fortune. Crocketts popularity led to the era of the Disney live-action adventures that included the 1950s hits The Great Locomotive Chase, Westward Ho, Old Yeller, and The Light in the Forest.

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