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Questions for new users - Easter Basket???
The answer- Sadly I can no longer answer anymore questions today, but I can still ask them!!If everyone on here was going to get a Easter basket what would you want to get in yours?I’d want a hollow chocolate bunny, Cadbury eggs, lip gloss, nail polish, a bracelet, The Little Mermaid on DVD because its my favorite classic Disney movie, and a winning lottery ticket.

Often overlooked during a Walt Disney World vacation whether due to time constraints or just lack of knowledge are several recreational activities that have nothing to do with theme parks and rides.

Frequently asked questions - Making awesome 'movies'? YouTube?
The answer is: I want to make some fan made 'movie scenes' for YouTube! But, I don't know how to do that! Could you guys tell me how to do that either using drawings and animations (but so they move like in a cartoon) or with people? Thanks so much in advance!

Frequently asked questions - STOP MOTION URGENT HELP NEEDED!! HELP ME PLEASE!!;Ok for a school project I am doing a procedure on how to make a stop motion Cartoon. I am stuck on a few thing so if you know these could you please help me!1.Is there a free program you can download to make Stop motion cartoons if so please give me the link!2.If making a stop motion can you use a digital camera!If you could answer these it would be a great help so please answer!!

Too much blood and guts for my taste. So Classic Disney out. Finding Nemo in. At least until Leah gets older and can understand the fairy tale concept.

People often ask - What is your BEST/FUNNIEST memory you have ever had at disneyland?
The answer: Well I have been going to Disneyland ever since I was a baby (im 14 now) :)My parents said that the funniest thing ever to happen to me was...When i was like 6 or something, (not sure of the age) I was still using a stroller because I hated walking and I guess I was way over age for a stroller. A lot of people were laughing at me when we were walking down main street so my mom decided to stop pulling the stroller and take me out of it, so people would stop laughing. But right when she pulled me out, I dropped to the ground and strated screaming and crying!! :) My mom tried to pick me up but i just starting kicking her saying how she was the worst person in the world!!!! My dad was justing cracking up and filming the scene the whole time, and my brother and sister were just laughing too. Everybody around us was just laughing and my mom got sooooo embarrassed.I also always remember our family on the pirates of the caribbean ride, and whenever we went past the part where all of the fake gold was on the ground, my dad would tell us to grab it so we could stay at disneyland longer. We actually tried and my brother (who was very little) got some to and almost fell into the water!!! I have soooo much other stories to tell you but I dont want to take up 10 pages!!!Please, tell me your stories. I am leaving to Disney Land Wednesday and this would help let me get more excited. We are also staying a shorter amount of time this year, so hopelly this will help cheer me up. Your story can be a page if you want. I will defiantly read it.God Bless.......

Hard to believe, but its been over a decade since, in late 1998, this site sprung into existence. I created the site to fill a gap that existed at the time - there were Websites dedicated to the bigger Walt Disney World College Program, but very little for the International Programs. When I was applying for the program in 1997, there was no information online - no way to ask questions, meet others, and get more information before heading to Orlando. The goal of creating the WDWIP Website was to change all that. Now, many years on, I think weve done it. There have been tens of thousands of people who have used this site, and thousands of those have successfully participated in the programs. The forum originally called the Virtual Leaving Book, has had over a half-million posts since its inception!

Frequently asked questions : Lil' Wayne help please...........?
The answer: dissect this verse for every 2-4 bars, and give me the meaning behind what he is saying and what message he is conveying to his audience.Thank YouYeah...Rasta dem king of the jungle,Dread lock swing down me back like Reppunsle.My bread don't swing. Dem packs in a bundle-We'll take your tings, sell it back to your uncle.And we'll make it rain till your dances will come true-We'll make it rain so you betta bring a swimsuit.Alone when I came, but I'm leavin with them two-Gals give me brain, give me brain like temples.And him got the game, game sharp like a pencil-And if you want formage we can crash like a symbol.And Let prepare me window, on my new sports coupe-twelve hoarses in the hood, sittin on hoarse shoes.Come from the land that Jesus walked through-Sacrifice me life, man I bleed for me uncle.Them no want to run, run with me them no want to-Murder them, and the family them belong to.Next ting them kno I run a street like a cardoor-You go after me, me I dearly depart you.Hip hop is mine now, Mine what you gone do?-I can jump on any ***** song and make a part two.Playtime for me, cuz see to me, they are cartoons-how come every joint be on point like a harpoon?How come evry bar stand strong like a barstool?-how come every line is so raw you gone snort too?

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